Common Avoidable Habits That Can Make You Hypertensive

Hypertension is the abnormal increase in blood pressure. It is triggered by a range of situations – health, lifestyle, age and could also be hereditary- in which case you find that some people’s blood pressure are usually higher than normal. Since there are diverse causes for a high blood pressure, it is medically advised that people be aware of their body make-up and as such practice safe and healthy lifestyles; in other words, be health conscious.

As carefree as we might be, we often assume that hypertension is a disease for the elderly but that is not so. Each time we visibly fall sick, the implication is that we have neglected warning signs from the body. Same is the case with hypertension, the tendency might be there but some habits which could be curbed or avoided can make it full-blown.

According to Mayo Clinic,

“Lifestyle plays an important role in treating your high blood pressure. If you successfully control your blood pressure with a healthy lifestyle, you might avoid, delay or reduce the need for medication.”

1. Eating Junks

Habitual consumption of processed foods is capable of making you a potential hypertensive patient. Keep track of what you eat and make it more nutritional- fruits and vegetables; and less sugar.

2. Over-eating

Habitual overeating can make you prone to increased blood pressure especially when they are fatty foods. Over-eating can make you gain weight which increases the danger of Hypertension. Too much of everything is bad, so keep a good weight and eat moderately.

3. Not Exercising

With limited physical activity and no exercise, you stand a chance in being hypertensive. Regular and moderate exercises which could be as simple as walking help in blood circulation. It reduces the blood pressure of already diagnosed hypertensive patients.

4. Drug/Abuse

Steer clear of steroids and contraceptive pills! They can trigger this silent killer. Some treatments and medications can cause it as well; how much more when drugs are deliberately abused.

5. High Sodium Consumption

Toning down on the high intake of salt reduces the tendency of a high blood pressure.

6. Alcohol

While a certain amount of alcohol is good for the health, intake on the high side is not good for the blood pressure; it can affect the potency of BP medications

7. You Smoke

You must have come across the saying that “smokers are liable to die young”. This is the reason- smoking increases your blood pressure, damages your lungs and reduces your life expectancy rate.

8. Caffeine Intake

Too much ingestion of coffee and teas is not always advisable. While it is arguable that caffeine works in different ways for both chronic caffeine takers and otherwise, it is good you study your body system and talk to a doctor.

9. Always Stressed

It is only fair that you consciously reduce your stress level; You are so independent that asking and accepting help is not welcome in your diary-think again, that’s why there’s something called division of labor- you cannot do it all alone. Making a good plan to manage occasional stress and a good support system at work and home is a good way to start. Consciously avoid things that tense you up.

10. Obsession

When you constantly obsess and bother about things beyond your control, things you cannot change, you are clearly inviting hypertension. Sometimes it is safer not to expect so much; be optimistic but still make room for surprises- avoid having all your eggs in one basket.

11. Getting Less Rest/Sleep

Not sleeping well or having adequate rest is hypertension-friendly. Learn to relax your mind and body. Rest is good. (Heavy snorers are said to be more likely to have a high blood pressure than silent sleepers)

12. Poor Anger Management

Impatient and irritable personalities should take note, there is need to be in charge of your emotions, that way you can save your life.

Did you know that ungratefulness and unforgiveness can make you hypertensive?