marijuana at work

What are your feelings about marijuana? Depending on where you stand on the argument of whether it is a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ drug, the concept of marijuana at work will be a pleasant or less than pleasant shock.

Most people are already aware that some states in the U.S. have legalized marijuana use for even recreational purposes.

The states that have done so probably based their legislation on studies that proved that marijuana is not detrimental to the health of users, whether physical health or mental health.

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marijuana at work

Everyone is aware, however, that not all activities that you can engage in legally during your personal time would be acceptable during office hours. For instance, sleep presents many health benefits but your boss may not take too kindly to you snoozing during office hours. It turns out, however, that some bosses are open and even encouraging towards employees using marijuana at work.

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CNN reported that Denver’s Flowhub, a software company founded last year, allows employees to use marijuana at work. The company’s co-founders, Kyle Sherman and Chase Wiseman, spoke to CNN about their allowance of the drug. According to them:

“If it [marijuana use] helps our employees get work done, then we don’t care if they consume at work.

The two co-founders themselves in true leading by example fashion also use marijuana at the office. Despite their openness to the idea as a company, the building where Flowhub is located doesn’t allow smoking, so the company’s 18 employees use “cannabis-infused edibles, sodas, and juices” according to CNN.

marijuana at work

They employ these cannabis infused goodies during meetings to help along creativity. Sherman says that “It definitely surfaces new ideas and a fresh take on things.”

Another company which allows its employees use marijuana during office hours is (not unexpectedly) MassRoots; a social media site for stoners. MassRoots co-founder, Isaac Dietrich, said he came up with the idea for the company, which currently has $4.4 million in funding, while smoking weed.

We wonder if this is a trend that could soon spread around the world. It will surely make for more interesting workplaces.