Comparing Rudeboy and Mr. P’s Net Worths, Successes and Achievements Since Their Split

Popular Nigerian music duo, P-Square, became history on the 25th of September 2017 after Rudeboy and Mr. P decided to go their separate ways and pursue solo careers. Their decision shocked fans and the general public as no one saw the split coming, especially because they were twins. On their own part, they have done a good job in revealing the circumstances that led to the split as well as the ensuing issues.

Since their breakup, there have been heated debates among fans regarding who is doing better between Rudeboy and Mr. P. However, after a detailed perusal of the records, we have come to the conclusion that both are achieving milestones and surpassing set targets in multiple fields. Though, it has become glaring that Rudeboy may not be doing so well in the field where Mr. P is excelling and vice versa.

Peter is Now Known as Mr. P While Paul Became Known as Rudeboy or KingRudy

On resolving to go their separate ways, Rudeboy and Mr. P each went under different monikers. Peter chose to go by the name Mr. P. while his brother Paul became known as Rudeboy or KingRudy. We got the confirmation of their official split from Pulse in 2017.

The twins wasted no time in launching their solo careers; Mr. P. dropped the single Cool it Down while Rudeboy’s Nkenji Keke hit the music stands almost immediately after. Though the two singles were both well-received, fans just couldn’t stop debating on whose track is the best.

According to reports, the act of comparing their solo efforts is doing nothing but drive the twins further apart, however, popular opinion is that Cool it Down and Nkenji Keke are both very classic tracks. Knowing fans, they will always want the best and will keep comparing the two even at the risk of driving a wedge between them, though, you will have to agree that the debate is rather entertaining.

Who is the Richer One of the Two?

In November 2020, the net worths of Rudeboy and Mr. P were reviewed and according to ensuing reports, KingRudy carried the day with a handsome $16 million in fortune. Needless to say that he got his share from the defunct P-Square funds and has continued to build on it. The father of three has been funding his lavish lifestyle through multiple sources which include music, business, and endorsements.

The same 2020 review of Peter Okoye’s fortune pegged it at $11 million which was carried by many online sources. However, another report surfaced in 2021 placing Mr. P.’s wealth slightly higher than that of his twin Rudeboy at $16.5 million. If this recent report is to be believed, it means that Peter Okoye is now leading in terms of funds, but there are several other fields where KingRudy is in the lead.

Full Statistics of Rudeboy and Mr. P’s Progress As Solo Acts

From what is obvious, Rudeboy and Mr. P have continued to wax strong despite playing as solo artists. However, on measuring their individual progress, it became obvious that one has the upper hand in certain areas of their career. Now, let’s look at the record to decipher who is commanding a bigger audience with respect to social media platforms.


Going by Rudeboy and Mr. P’s subscription levels on Vevo, it is glaring that Rudeboy is on top with over 426,139 subscribers while Mr. P. tags behind with 165,219. Mr. P.s most viewed videos on YouTube are One More Night – 5.6 million, Cool It Down – 4.9 million, Ebeano – 4.3 million. Though this is a beautiful record, Rudeboy’s Reason with Me alone has recorded views in excess of 24 million which is way higher than all Peter’s three put together. KingRudy’s Double-Double has 11 million views while his Reality is tagging along with 10 million in views.

Social Media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)

On the three social media platforms, Mr. P. seems to be leading with an Instagram following of above 10 million compared to his brother’s which is slightly higher than 7 million. The same is applicable on Facebook where Mr. P. has over 297,345 followers while Rudeboy follows with just above 113,549. As at the last check, Peter’s Twitter handle has amassed a following in excess of 1.9 million while Paul has 1.7 million.

Statistics on Spotify and Deezer for Rudeboy and Mr. P

Rudeboy appears to be on top with respect to monthly subscription on Spotify recording above 81,634 against Mr. P’s 26,356. KingRudy is also leading in Deezers with 2,432 fans. Peter on the other hand has slightly above 808 fans.

We will always have Peter’s fans seeing him as the best while Paul’s fans do exactly the same. However, after scrutinizing the above statistics, you can deduce who has the upper hand in terms of their interaction with fans and the general public on social media. For some people, KingRudy is deemed to be a better vocalist while Mr. P. is unrivaled as a better dancer cum entertainer. In several instances, Rudeboy’s videos earned above one million YouTube views within three days which is something Mr. P. has not achieved to date.

Taking Rudeboy and Mr. P’s solo efforts in music into consideration, one would not be far from the truth to surmise that KingRudy has done exceedingly well for himself and has far exceeded expectations of people who viewed him as laid back during the time of P-Square. The father of three seems to be doing better than his twin. Reason with Me did wonders in 2019 and his other major hits like Take it, Audio money, Double Double, and Woman are not doing badly at all. Thus, Rudeboy is currently in the lead with regards to music.

List of Rudeboy and Mr. P’s Notable Singles and Achievements

Immediately after they disbanded in 2017, Rudeboy and Mr. P started dropping their individual singles and some of them went on to become hit tracks. They have also garnered a few awards along the way.

Rudeboy’s Hit Singles and Achievements So Far

Paul boasted of having 90 to 100 songs and could drop a couple of albums if he so wishes. He revealed this in an interview with Beat 99.9 FM. In all, he has recorded 40 singles and still counting. Below are some of his better-known songs:

  • Nkenji Keke
  • Reason with me
  • Double Double Ft Phyno and Olamide
  • Fire Fire
  • Ifai
  • Audio Money

While his music is doing so well, it is common knowledge that Paul Okoye is yet to score any awards for his solo efforts and has not been nominated for any. However, this is not to say that he won’t earn some in the future and we must note that he won quite a good number with his twin as P-Square.

Business-wise, Paul is obviously doing well, especially with his Upfront and Personal Global Management Consultancy – one of the leading global management consultancies with a special focus on public relations, celebrity endorsement, media buying, as well as event management. The company recently signed-on the 2019 Big Brother winner Mercy Eke who shared the news of her new deal with fans on Instagram. He is also the owner of Fire Department Inc – a record label that has added to his sources of revenues.

Regarding endorsements, the Double Double hitmaker has quite a few deals from his days as one half of P-Square like the one they have with Glo and Skol Bee (Congo).

Mr. P’s Notable Singles and Achievements

Peter’s first album is titled Paranoia and his most recent is The Dack. He notable included his son Cameron, who is a dancer and footballer, in the 2018 video for Ebaeno. The decision was a very good one as it earned above three million views on YouTube. Besides, fans also confessed to loving that concept of including the boy in the video. Other better-known songs by him include:

  • Cool It Down
  • Mr. P Karma
  • Away
  • Woki Woki
  • Look into My Eyes
  • Zombie
  • One More Night
  • Like dis like dat
  • Too late

Mr. P started gaining international recognition as a solo artist in 2018 when he was nominated for International Achievement Recognition Awards alongside African music greats like Davido, Cassper Nyovest, Diamond Platnumz, DJ Black Coffee, and Medikal. At the award ceremony that took place at the Hilton Hotel, London, United Kindom, Mr. P went on to beat all other nominees, scoring the IARA award for the best international male artiste. IARA also nominated him for best male artist. Thus, Peter Okoye won his first award as a solo artist in 2018 and he seems set to win more. Peter took to Instagram to share news of the award telling fans that “this is just the beginning” as there are obviously many more to come.

Talking about endorsements, the Ebaeno hitmaker has landed quite a good number of them since 2017. He inked a lucrative endorsement deal with Glo Telecommunication Company. The Nigerian vocalist also has other deals running with Olympic Milk, Adidas, and Empire Records. He also established a beverage factory and launched a clothing line where his kids work as models.

A Peek at How Rudeboy and Mr. P Spend Their Fortune

Rudeboy and Mr. P are two Nigerian artists who are known to take luxurious spending to the extreme. Their automobiles and real estate investments are a testament to how loose their hands are on the purse string. Besides, from what is perceivable, they are still acquiring more.

Mr. P’s Real Estate Investments and List of Automobiles

Rudeboy and Mr P
A glimpse of Peter Okoye’s house and garage image source

If you must talk about the property acquisition of one half of the defunct P-Square duo, then the other twin must be involved. Thus, Peter’s worth in real estate must always involve Paul as they owned a lot of houses in common. These properties were located in choice areas in Lagos like Omole Estate, Ikoyi, Lekki, and Banana Island. Their twin duplex in Omole Estate was later sold at N320 million with the proceeds split into two equal parts between the twins.

As an individual, Peter is the proud owner of a huge mansion in Banana Island, Lagos which has a market price currently pegged at an astounding 1.5 billion naira. Besides, it goes without saying that a house of that caliber would come with top of the range amenities. In fact, the mansion is described as the last word in luxury. Peter equally has a house in Atlanta Georgia.

The automobiles you can find in his compound include:

  • Range Rover Autobiography – 80 Million Naira
  • A 2014 Bently – between 29 million to 30 million Naira
  • G-Wagon
  • 2016 Range Rover- 15 million Naira
  • Jaguar F-type VHS 2014 – 15.5 Million Naira
  • Bentley – 29 Million Naira

Rudeboy’s Properties and Vehicles

Since he started doing his own thing, KingRudy has acquired a choice property in Parkview Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos. Like his brother Peter, he also reportedly has a home in Atlanta, Georgia. Reports say that Rudeboy and Mr. P’s houses in Atlanta, which they acquired while they were still a duo, are next to each other.

In regard to his automobiles, below are some of the vehicles he owns.

Rudeboy and Mr P
Paul in front of his house with his favorite car model image source
  • BMW X5 – 36 million naira
  • Jeep Wrangler SUV – 15 million naira
  • Range Rover
  • Mercedes Benz
  • BMW X6 – 22 Million Naira
  • Hummer Jeep
  • Cadillac Escalade

In 2015, Rudeboy and Mr. P received two high-end SUVs from Globacom. Peter’s own was a G-Wagon while Paul got a Range Rover, both of which came at the cost of ₦37 million.

Rudeboyand Mr P
The two SUVs they received from Globacom image source

The Twins Jointly Own a Private Jet

Many celebrities have a history with chartered private jets, but it takes the really brave to go all out and acquire one, perhaps, because of the accompanying expensive maintenance. The defunct P-Square duo is among the select few that dared to buy a private jet worth a whopping 15 billion naira and according to reports, the jet never went up for sale after their split. This points to the fact that the jet is still part of their possession.

The Truth About Why P-Square Broke Up

According to Peter Okoye, what led to their family rift was some perceived lopsidedness in both their imputes and the sharing formula for their proceeds. It is public knowledge that the P-Square duo kept it all in the family with their older brother Jude acting as the group’s manager. Being all family members, their sharing formula saw each of them take an equal share of the group’s revenue.

Peter later perceived this as an anomaly that needed to be corrected. According to him, a manager is entitled to 15 to 25 percent of their income, and Jude’s case shouldn’t be different. Peter also saw some lopsidedness in his twin who was perceived as laidback in the group getting a share of his songs selected. He consequently sacked Jude from his position as the group’s manager, refused to participate in anything that had to do with the group, and eventually relocated with his wife and kids. It was also Peter who brought in their family lawyer Festus Keyamo to help in splitting the P-Square fortune between them.

When quizzed about Jude Okoye, Rudeboy said that he never parted ways with his big brother as Jude still remains his manager to date.

Issues The Family Had With Mr. P’s Wife

When the P-Square family rift first came to the fore, there were speculations that Mr. P. felt that his family was marginalizing him. According to the grapevine, the marginalization started because he went against their will in choosing a life partner and thus, they found it difficult to accept his family.

Confirmation from sources let on that their mum, before her death, never wanted Peter to marry Lola. After they buried their mum, Jude, the eldest of the Okoye family, was determined to see his mother’s wishes come to pass, but the experience has taught us a good lesson about men; no man likes being told what to do.

Mr. P eventually wedded Lola Omotayo after their mum’s passing and to the other members of the family, the act was nothing short of disrespectful. Their reason being that their late mum ordered such union not to take place obviously because Lola is way older than Peter.

According to Peter’s comment on Daily Post, he had to choose his wife over the wishes of his family because he owes no one any explanation. He said that Lola and his children are his family and if it makes people stop listening to his songs, he is Ok with that. On his mother’s wishes, Peter said he can’t even imagine his own mum refusing him to get married to the woman he loves. He described his mum as being happily married in her lifetime, so why will she want to stop him.

Will Rudeboy and Mr. P Ever Come Back Together?

From what we can deduce, Rudeboy and Mr. P seem to be doing exceedingly well as individual artists and the need to come back together may not likely arise. Family ties and sentiments may well be the only factor that can succeed in getting the two back again.

However, from what we have seen so far, that seems highly unlikely as both Rudeboy and Mr. P don’t want to hear anything about a reunion. Peter’s wife Lola Omotayo who dared to call for their reunion during their last birthday got a bashing from Rudeboy. However, that did not stop Lola from giving voice to her opinion. According to the mother of two, they will remain, identical twins, whether they like it or not and it is high time they considered a reconciliation.

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