A Complete Guide to Giving the Best Anniversary Gift that Will be Appreciated

Marriage anniversary is a perfect occasion to have a get-together when friends, families, and well-wishers come together to celebrate the day of vows and rituals, accepting the hardships and fun of a blessed married life. Marriage is a perfect union of two souls and to commemorate the day of love and rituals, what is better than a perfect anniversary gift? While choosing a perfect surprise for your beloved, it must be kept in mind that your spouse’s interest should be put into perspective and in some cases, more traditional gifts matching up with the duration of the anniversary; such that can be found here may also be considered

Guide to choosing the best anniversary gift

No doubt, an anniversary is equally joyous and merry for both the partners in the union. While choosing a present for the occasion, the preference and likes of the partner must be kept in mind. The age of the anniversary is also another vital aspect of deciding upon the surprise gift. The years of bond and togetherness must be taken into account while selecting the gift for your spouse. Different cultures and traditions pave the way for varied ways of celebrating the occasion of marriage anniversary. While some couple like to keep it private and cozy, some opt for a fun evening with near and dear ones. Whatever be the trend, whatever is the culture, a perfect anniversary gift must say it all and we have put together, these guidelines to help you select a memorable present for your loved one.

1. Select a gift based on a certain theme: Often precious stones, flowers or a priced possession depict the level of fondness among a couple. With passing of years and on surpassing certain milestones in a married life, gift options may vary with respect to certain themes which could be based on the past experiences together as a couple from the previous anniversary to the present

2. Opt for a traditional or modern gift based on partner preference: With so much time spent together, it is natural to know a person inside out. Select a gift that suits the personality and likes of the spouse, to preserve it as a lifetime memory. Take a bit of time to think through the preference of your partner and you will certainly find out, what exactly he/she is looking for.

Anniversary Gift

3. Be romantic in approach: Many times, what is inside the box doesn’t matter, what matters is the way of presenting it. Keep it simple yet romantic so as to make the overall experience much more impressive and efficient.

4. Remembering the marital vows once again: An ideal gift should take you back down the memory lane to the day when the nuptials took place. This gesture will be more valued and will be priceless for a lifetime

5. Present a gift that says “I know who you are”: Often during the initial years of marriage, couples need time to know each other, realizing the most likely answers to questions like this including individual likes and dislikes so it’s better to give something simple yet elegant in the initial years, which can be appreciated and valued by the partner. With the passing of years in a married life, the gift must be selected vigilantly, which can be treasured as a prized possession for a lifetime.

6. Chose the perfect time to deliver the gift: Mornings and evenings are the perfect times to present a gift that would be remembered. Giving your anniversary gift in the morning of the anniversary when the mood and the trend for the day have not yet been determined, sets the perfect tone for the day. The norm of gifting a present on the eve of marriage anniversary is not a new concept, but it dates back to middle ages. At that time, husbands of the royal empire presented a wreath of silver on crossing the milestone of 25 years and after 50 years of togetherness, the silver is replaced with gold. This tradition is still followed and 25th wedding anniversary is called silver jubilee and the 50th one is termed as a golden jubilee. The gifts on these events are special and something that is valued and treasured over a period of time.

7. Price tag vs affection: Price tag most of the time is not a deciding factor of love among couples. Therefore it is best to select an appropriate gift based on partner preference and not on the value of the object. A simple flower speaks volume of the love and affection towards one other because the value may depreciate with time but affection gets appreciated with each passing years.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter what is the price of the gift or how costly it is but give it with love and it shall surpass all other deficiencies.

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