Zika Virus In Guinea Bissau Confirmed By UN

The United Nations has confirmed three cases of zika virus in Guinea Bissau.

The cases were discovered in some islands off the mainland.

The presence of Zika Virus In Guinea Bissau has resulted in fears of it’ being spread to other West African countries.

The Guinean government has however set up an emergency committee to curb the spread of the virus. This committee is said to be headed by the Prime Minister Baciro.

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“The Health Minister has informed (the government) of three confirmed cases of Zika virus contamination located in the Bijagos Archipelago,” a government statement read.

The government has not published the specific origin of the Zika Virus in Guinea Bissau. West Africans have rejected the possibility of the Zika Virus spreading in their region, a region still recovering from the deadly Ebola epidemic.

Latin America and the Carribean, particularly Brazil are currently experiencing a widespread Zika Virus. It has affected these communities particularly the pregnant women as they run the risk of giving birth to a child with microcephaly. Microcephaly is a birth defect that is characterized by abnormally small-sized heads in babies and sometimes brain damage.

Although not deadly, the risk it poses to pregnant has caused many to voice concerns regarding Brazil’s ability to host the Olympics.

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Guinea Bissau is not The first African nation where The presence of Zika virus has been reported. In May, it was reportedly found in Cape Verde, while some months agobtgere was an alleged case in South Africa.

The carrier of The Zika Virus, the aedes aegypti is not alien to Africa. It is also a carrier of the notorious yellow fever in Africa.