Kenya Rejoices Over the Discharge Of Boxing Legend Conjestina From Hospital

Kenya’s boxing veteran, Conjestina Achieng, has been discharged from the hospital in a better health state and Kenyans could not be happier.

The 39-year old boxer developed a mental illness in the course of her vibrant boxing career.

After her 39th birthday on October 20, Kenyans on social media requested the government to help the state of the once boxing asset of the nation.

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To the joy of the people the boxer spoke to the press on Tuesday, November 29 after she was discharged from Kisumu Sub County hospital where she had been admitted for a month.

“People come to see me but they don’t tell me anything that will help me. Some promise to help me but they don’t leave to their promises. I want to thank Atieno Otieno who has been with me up to date together with my family.”


About boxing, the champ said this:

“This was my passion and if I get well even today, tomorrow I would be in the ring fighting because I still understand the rules.”

Conjestina Achieng was an internationally recognized Kenyan female boxer. She was ranked number five in the world and earned about Sh22,000 a fight.


Her skills in the boxing ring earned her the nickname “Hands of Stone”. Conjestina Achieng won 4 world titles, 17 wins and 4 draws during her boxing career days.

Perhaps boxing ran in their veins as her brother Joseph Kusimba is also an ex-boxer who now runs a boxing club in Mathare, Nairobi.

Everyone loved Conjestina in her flourishing days. Unfortunately the story changed with her mental illness.

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With calls from the people and fans to help the former boxing star, Kisumu Maendeleo ya Wanawake chairlady Atieno Otieno says the organisation has extended a helping hand to boxer and mother of one.

“We have realized that for Conjestina to be fine,” she said, “we need to walk with her as a team constantly so me and my friends from the legal profession and Maendeleo Ya Wanawake we are working with her and her son so that we are able to see she goes through this difficult time in her life.”