Continued Update On Uganda’s Election

As earlier enthused, elections in Uganda are underway and despite the social media ban, updates on the progress of the election keep pouring in. With social media reacting to news on the ban with questions directed at the communication network MTN or just plain out laughing at the impossibility of maintaining the ban, everyone should probably get on twitter to spice up their afternoons.

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In other news, Nigeria’s former president and Commonwealth election observer Olusegun Obasanjo has referred to the delays in delivering ballot papers in various areas in Uganda as “absolutely inexcusable”. He spouts that the delays “do not inspire trust and confidence in the system and the process”. Although this may be a shared view of many Ugandans who had to wait at polling stations for up to five hours before election materials arrived, the entire situation is really not a foreign one in most African run elections, making the connotation as harsh as it may be accurate, but that’s a good thing.


The delays have of course led to the extension of voting in some areas whereas votes are actually being counted elsewhere. TV stations in the country are broadcasting live updates of the vote counts.

Also the Forum for Democratic Change party just confirmed reports that Ugandan opposition Presidential candidate, the major contender, who was arrested on Monday, in the person of Kizza Besigye has been arrested in the capital, Kampala. The reports initially stemmed from a journalist for Al Jazeera who was at the scene and posted a series of tweets indicating that the arrest was made after Mr Besigye and his supporters argued with police over access to a house in which they alleged vote rigging was taking place. The party tweeted; “@kizzabesigye1 has been arrested and we do not know where he is.”

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