Cool Or Cold: Tanzanian President Trashes Independence Day

HAPPY 54TH ANNIVERSARY TANZANIA!!! Today marks the 54th anniversary of Tanzania’s independence. But rather than bright lights, loud music and parties, the current President has trashed and traded any form of national celebration for a clean-up campaign.

As a matter of priority, President John Magufuli sees lesser reasons to lavishly celebrate the nation’s independence. This will be the first time ever such a national boycott has occurred in Tanzania since her independence. Amongst the changes implemented by the newly elected President, this decision has particularly charmed the hearts of people across Africa. For one, BBC reports that President Magufuli and tons of Tanzanian people are complying with the scheduled exercise.


While some still hope for a sort of commemoration of the independence, it appears the larger majority appreciate this noble gesture, in the sense that the lavish culture of African governments is currently alarming. According to the President, the national independence, as significant as it is to the nation is not as much of a priority to the health and more pressing needs of the nation at the moment. So instead of a national extravanganza, the nation seem to gladly succumb with their leader to divert the attention and resources to other pressing issues of the nation- thus the idea of the clean up campaign geared towards kicking off cholera, a deadly disease that has kept the nation in a bad light. In the words of the Chief Secretary to the press at Muhimbili National Hospital in Dar es Salaam,

“This is not acceptable. We cannot go-on to celebrate 54 years of independence while people are dying of cholera”

However the variety of views, history has been made- The idea of setting priorities straight for the nation is indeed something to write home about and in fact worth celebrating. The only thing here is that instead of celebrating with same old speeches and unnecessary noise, the nation practically and more genuinely marks this very important day in history, paving a healthier way for the future. I bet posterity will be glad to know that such a day existed in their history.