Who Is Corey Feldman, the Actor Who Wants to Expose Hollywood Secrets?

Corey Feldman was among Hollywood’s most bankable child/teen actors of the 1980s. With films like The GooniesStand by Me, The Lost Boys, and License to Drive, Feldman alongside a few other kids made waves in the industry. However, Feldman’s fame began to fade in the 1990s after he delved into various sorts of drug addictions. Thenceforth, he occasionally appeared in movies, especially in ignoble or inconsequential roles. But despite his obviously ruined career, Feldman has maintained a spot in the public eye for one reason: his longstanding campaign to expose Hollywood’s most putrefied perversion. Let’s get to know more about him and what he wants to reveal about the world’s most famous entertainment industry.

Who Is Corey Feldman?

Corey Feldman is an American actor and singer. He was born on the 16th of July, 1971 in Reseda, California, U.S.A. He is the second child and first son of the five children of Bob and Sheila Feldman. While his father worked as an amateur musician, his mother was a club waitress.

Feldman began acting at the age of three. He made his debut in a TV commercial for McDonald’s. He subsequently appeared in various other television commercials and series numbering over a hundred and fifty. Corey however, had an unstable childhood. He grew up in the Woodland Hills neighborhood of San Fernando Valley, California with very little affection and guidance from his parents. According to Feldman, his parents only cared about their selfish gains when it comes to his showbiz career. While his father allowed him to attend teen parties in the guise of meeting Hollywood big men, his mother who lived out of his earnings force-fed him with diet pills to keep him in shape for ad and movie roles.

Reaching his teens, Corey Feldman landed major roles in numerous successful movies which earned him fame in the industry. In 1984, Corey portrayed Pete Fountaine in the box office smash, Gremlins. The same year, he played a starring role on the grossing slasher film, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. He subsequently starred as Teddy in the 1986 coming-of-age movie, Stand by Me. In 1987, he played the main character Edgar Frog in The Lost Boys. The next year saw him star alongside his friend, Corey Haim in the teen comedy and box office hit, Licence to Drive. He would go on to star with Haim again in 1989’s teen movie, Dream a Little Dream. His career, however, started to dwindle as he grew into adulthood, as a result of drug addiction.

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As a singer, Corey Feldman has a number of songs and albums to his credit. Some of them include: Still Searching for Soul, Former Child Actor, and Angelic 2 the Core.

What are the Hollywood Secrets Corey Wants to Expose?

Corey Feldman started going through sexual abuse alongside his close friend and frequent co-star, Corey Haim, in the hands of older Hollywooders when he was fourteen. Haim’s abuse is said to have started earlier as an older co-star raped him on a movie set at age 11. According to Feldman, Haim personally and explicitly narrated the rape incident to him and asked him to help him tell his story if he died first. Corey Haim eventually died of pneumonia in 2010 at the age of 38 after struggling for years with several addictions.

They both delved into drug abuse and alcohol as a means of surviving their ordeals, with their abusers introducing them to a variety of dangerous drugs. Due to his parent’s careless way of life, Corey practically had no one to confide in. Owing to his unstable condition, Corey said he severally wished himself dead and also attempted suicide numerous times. But unlike Haim, Feldman survived his abuse and addiction through rehab and has been clean since 1995.

The Pedophilia Ring

Following Haim’s death, Corey Feldman has been itching to feed the public with stories of the clandestine pedophilia activities of Hollywood. He first made his intention known in a 2011 interview on ABC. According to him, it is the biggest problem of child actors and is also the top-secret in Hollywood. Subsequently speaking to The View‘s Barbara Walters in 2013, Corey talked about what he called the “Pedophile Ring”, a group he claimed are larger in number than anybody can imagine and includes numerous Hollywood and government elites who have helped to keep it an impenetrable secret over the years.

So far, Feldman has from his exclusive list of the pedophilia ring members, named some individuals who sexually molested him during his teen years in Hollywood. They include Marty Weiss, Jon Grissom, Alphy Hoffman, and Ron Crimson. Feldman made these revelations via his 2013 memoir, Coreyography, as well as through interviews and comments on several media platforms.

Why Has Corey Feldman Not Exposed Hollywood’s Darkest Secrets?

Although Feldman has revealed some of the names of the people he claims are part of the Hollywood pedophilia ring, he is not yet done with the names on his list. The man maintains he has precisely six names to name. He, however, described the remnants as “powerful” who’ll certainly finish him should their names ever escape his lips.

According to him, one of the names he is yet to name is still a very powerful Hollywood personality with high connections. He added that he has been receiving death threats and also fears lawsuits that may follow his naming of such big names.

Apart from the fears of litigation, murder, and other forms of harm, Corey also points to the high prestige of Hollywood as the major reason nobody wants to hear any negative talks about the industry. He insists that hundreds of Hollywood personalities already know the abusers; so it should not be his sole responsibility to name them.

Feldman has, however, settled for making his revelations via a documentary movie. It only remains for him to raise the needed amount to bring his plans to fruition. He precisely needs a minimum of $10 million to produce a documentary which he says will starkly expose the child abuse that prevails in the entertainment industry. Having reportedly raised over $200,000 as of 2019, the film is currently in the works.

Nonetheless, Feldman says he’ll ditch the movie option and publish all the names on his list if he gets all of the following: a major legal counsel with free services, free armed guards, and vocal backing from top Hollywood personalities. But will that ever happen?


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