Corey Harrison Dead
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Pawn Stars has no doubt dominated the screens all around the globe since its inception. As such, it is no surprise that once in a while, people wonder where all the fan-favorite stars are. In that regard, the question – ‘is Corey Harrison dead?’ has made the rounds on several blogs and tabloids. Nevertheless, the truth of the matter can be found right here.

So, there is no need to perambulate all over, looking for answers. All there is to know about the star’s life and alleged death is in here.

Is Corey Harrison Dead?

He may have been the victim of a death hoax here and there, but the star is still hale and hearty. So, the proclamation that had people deeming Corey Harrison dead is far from the truth. The Pawn Stars actor himself was born on April 27, 1983, into a dynasty of buying and appraising. His family owns the prestigious World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop located in Las Vegas. He has three brothers known as Christopher Harrison, Adam Harrison, and Jake Harrison.

On Pawn Stars, Harrison is commonly referred to as Big Hoss and over time, he has become commonly known by that moniker. Another thing that has changed over time is the level of responsibility he handles at the shop. When he was just nine years old, Corey started out as a knob polisher but currently, he manages most of the employees and knows everything about the shop. When it comes to the issue of death, he has had quite a brush with it. In a bid to get a few supplies on his motorbike, he missed an encounter with the angel of death. He actually jumped off his bike to avoid death.

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Corey Harrison Dead
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Nonetheless, he was fine, all he suffered was a broken arm and injuries to his back and foot. Thankfully, this accident did not see Corey Harrison dead. Albeit, there was a recent death in the family. His grandfather, Richard Benjamin Harrison, popularly known as Richard “Old Man” Harrison kicked the bucket on June 25, 2018. It was reported that he was suffering from Parkinson’s disease and finally succumbed after a drawn-out battle. The “Old Man” was survived by his wife JoAnne, three sons, 10 grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.

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Corey Harrison’s Personal Life

On the personal front, the star has had quite a tumultuous and interesting life. Being that he was overweight for quite some time, he underwent a gastric bypass in 2010. Thanks to a change of diet and adequate workout routines, he eventually went from 365 lb to 250 lb in about a year. That was a great victory for him, but he has had no such luck with love. His marriage to his first wife, Charlene ended in 2015. Just two years after that, he married his second wife, commonly referred to as Kiki. Unfortunately, their union was quite shortlived. Corey ended up filing for divorce in August 2017, and a month later, it was finalized.

Where is the Pawn Stars TV Series Personality Today?

Big Hoss is doing quite well for himself these days. Seeing as the pronouncement of Corey Harrison’s death is a hoax, this is no surprise. His career is booming and as aforementioned, he has additional responsibilities in the family business. Alongside his co-stars, Corey continues to appraise antiques leading the show and the shop into a brighter future. Nevertheless, more recently, the hours put into making the show has been cut down on all fronts. This enables Corey to have time for other endeavors at hand. In fact, he has divulged that he only drops by the shop to film or check on the employees he manages.

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Some of his numerous endeavors involve attended events in the Las Vegas region. He also happens to run a handful of side ventures on his own and in collaboration with friends and family. One of his most notable ventures is the historic Beauty Bar he opened with his friend, Darin Feinstein. It is popularly known as The Beauty Bar Las Vegas and was purchased in 2014 by previous owners. It is now a night club which features the whole shebang. There is live music, well-known DJ’s and dancing, all taking place in the retro salon-styled establishment. Needless to say, Corey Harrison dead or alive has made quite a name for himself.

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