Corey Harrison Net Worth: How Much Does the Pawn Stars Actor Make?

Corey Harrison’s net worth is estimated at $5 million. He is an American businessman and reality TV star known as a cast member of the series Pawn Stars which airs on History TV.

Known for his good business acumen and ability to carry an audience along, Corey Harrison is the star to follow. Among all his achievements, he is most popular for his role in the History TV series, Pawn Stars. Alongside his father Rick Harrison, their work at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas is broadcast for all to see.

Based on this juicy tidbit, it is natural to be curious about Corey Harrison’s net worth. For that reason, here is the full lowdown on the star and the big bucks he packs in.

Who is Corey Harrison?

He was born Richard Corey Harrison on April 27, 1983. Besides being called by his birth name, he is also commonly referred to as Big Hoss. Though his mother is not in the public eye, his father – Rick Harrison happens to be a public figure and he has three other sons – Christopher Harrison, Adam Harrison, and Jake Harrison. Corey started working in the family business at quite a young age. His first duty was polishing knobs on the shop, among other chores.

He apparently rose through the ranks as he ended up as the manager of the shop’s daily dealings. He even had a total of 30 employees working under him at the time. His intricate knowledge of the workings of the business often has him at odds with his father and grandfather on the show.

Altogether, the three have banter that is delightful to watch. In addition to appearing on the Pawn Stars, Corey Harrison has also appeared as himself in iLost My Head in Vegas. Also, in 2012, he made an appearance on an episode of the popular Nickelodeon TV series iCarly.

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His onscreen life is incredibly exciting, but it is nothing compared to his personal life. In 2010, he underwent a gastric lap band surgery and it caused him to alter his entire diet. As a result of that, his weight skydived from 365 lbs to 250 lbs. As triumphant as this was for the star, 2014 bore different tidings for him. Precisely on April 26, 2014, he was involved in a motorbike accident that left him with a broken arm and some injuries to his back and foot.

In terms of love, the star has not had much luck, his first marriage ended in 2015. In July 2017, he married his second wife Kiki, but by September 2018, that went down the drain too.

Corey Harrison’s Net Worth

Thanks to all his works on Pawn Stars, as well as other ventures, Corey Harrison is well set up financially. His $15,000 per episode alongside other investments and payments make have him made for life. Just in recent times, his net worth shot up, resting at a total of $4 million. More recently, his aggregate net worth has come to the whopping total of $5 million. Based on this, it is apparent that he is doing quite well for himself and it can only get better for the dedicated Pawn Stars actor.

How Much Does Corey Harrison Make?

As a show, Pawn Stars has not been doing too badly since its inception. Not only is it quite a clever innuendo, but the content is equally compelling. As such, it is not a surprise that all the participating actors are doing quite well financially. In this particular case, Corey Harrison is making quite a fortune. One episode of Pawn Stars rakes in a total of $15,000 for him and that figure was confirmed in 2016. This undoubtedly contributes a lot to Corey Harrison’s net worth.

Considering that he has a number of other businesses, it would be impossible for him not to be loaded. He divulged to Forbes that he has an investment allocation of 10% gold and silver. Additionally, he invested 80% in blue-chip companies.

That is not all, he has also owned branches of Quiznos over the years and he also charges a mean buck for appearances he makes. He rakes in more than $1,000 for personal appearances in clubs around Las Vegas. There is also the fact that he works alongside his father on a number of side hustles, some of which include Express Pawn, as well as merchandising.

Sources of Corey Harrison’s Net Worth

  • His appearance on Pawn Stars
  • Investments


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