Cote D’Ivoire Returns To The Top Of The Latest FIFA Rankings

FIFA has released the latest edition of their FIFA men’s football ranking and Africa did not do so good as a whole, but some top countries on the continent did change positions on the FIFA ranking.

Algeria, which led the list of highest placed African countries on last month’s FIFA ranking with an overall position of 32nd in the world, a position that they managed to retain since late 2015, fell a couple of spots. They moved down three spaces to occupy their new position of 35th in the world.

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Ghana’s Black Stars had been second to Algeria last month, considering top African countries on the FIFA ranking. The Black Stars of Ghana, however, executed a rather debilitating fall of eight places in the list which saw them dip to the position of fifth on the continent after months of steady gains were cancelled out, with Senegal replacing them in the third position.

FIFA Ranking

With the two top dogs felled, the question to answer is who took the top spot? Well, a two-place improvement for Côte d’Ivoire saw them return to the pinnacle of the African rankings for the first time since the end of 2015.

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Côte d’Ivoire has an overall global rank of 34 and while the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations winners must be pleased to take back their top dog position among African nations, their global rank is still a bit disappointing.

Even the top ten African nations on the FIFA ranking held rather low positions on the global stage. Here are the top ten countries on the continent’s ranking;

  • 34- Côte d’Ivoire
  • 35- Algeria
  • 39- Senegal
  • 42- Tunisia
  • 43- Ghana
  • 51- Congo DR
  • 53- Egypt
  • 54- Congo
  • 55- Mali
  • 58- Morocco

FIFA Ranking

Considering that only 32 teams qualify for the FIFA World Cup every four years, this month’s ranking would suggest that none of the African teams would be considered worthy enough to play on the world stage.