Countries Are Evacuating Their Citizens From South Sudan As the Country Still Lies On The Brink Of War

Last week the two rival factions in the worlds’s youngest country broke the conditions of their ceasefire and began to fight.

Although the waters have now been calmed in South Sudan for the second day after another ceasefire was declared, several countries are evacuating their citizens from the country after the days of fighting that saw hundreds of people killed.

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Germany, the UK, Italy, Japan, India and Uganda are some of the countries that have already started taking their citizens out of the country.

The ceasefire between forces loyal to President Salva Kiir and Vice-President Riek Machar is holding for a second day in the capital, Juba and Mr Machar and his troops have also left Juba “to avoid further confrontation”, but it seems the countries are not especially trusting of the gestures.

evacuating their citizens

The evacuations are being carried out by military and chartered planes, as commercial flights have not yet resumed.

Other countries like Kenya have however informed that their own citizens would not be evacuated, as the ceasefire in South Sudan was holding.

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The US embassy in Juba said it was organizing flights to evacuate non-essential staff and all US citizens willing to leave. President Obama also announced that 47 troops were being sent to protect the US embassy and its staff and that 130 more personnel were being sent to Djibouti to stand ready for deployment if necessary.

evacuating their citizens

Germany’s foreign ministry said its air force was evacuating other European nationals, as well as its own citizens. The fact that countries are evacuating their citizens should not come as a surprise to anyone.

South Sudan’s ceasefires have garnered the unfortunate reputation of being susceptible to sudden breakdown.

In the event of the recent breakout of fighting, both President Kiir and Vice President machar had openly admitted that they were unable to explain what happened.