Courses Offered At Central University Ghana And Their Fees

The Central University, Ghana has evolved from being a pastoral training institute to a renowned Ghanaian time-served college. Initially, the institution which was founded by the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) was called Central Bible College. It went through a change of name and was known as Central Christian College in 1991 before it became Central University College in 1998. Nevertheless, it was not until in 2016 that the institution became a complete University. The University currently has 8 faculties that have a number of departments.

In the course of time, the Central University Ghana has added to the number of programs run at the institution of learning. The programs range from short courses to diploma, degree programs, as well as post-graduate studies. Also, the institution has separate school fees for different departments and programs which are discussed in full herein.

Courses Offered In Central University Ghana

Central University Ghana
The first batch of Central University Law graduates (Image Source)

There are many courses offered at Central University. They include:

Diploma Courses

  • Diploma in Business and Management (Finance)
  • Diploma in Business and Management (Managing People)
  • Diploma in Business and Management (Operations Management)
  • Diploma in Business and Management (Sales and Marketing)

Degree Courses

Faculty Of Law

  • Bachelors Of Law (LLB)

Faculty Of Arts And Social Sciences

  • Bachelor of Science in Economics
  • Bachelor of Arts in Environment and Development Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Theology
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
  • Bachelor of Arts in Social Work
  • Bachelor of Arts in French

Central Business School

  • Bachelor of Science in Management Studies
  • Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness
  • Bachelor of Science in Banking and Finance
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an option in marketing, Human Resource Management, and Accounting.

School Of Pharmacy

Doctor of Pharmacy

School Of Architecture And Design

  • Bachelor of Architecture
  • Bachelor of Science in Planning
  • Bachelor of Science in Real Estate
  • Bachelor of Science Graphic Design
  • Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design
  • Bachelor of Science in Landscape Design
  • Bachelor of Science in Landscape Design
  • Bachelor in Interior Design

School of Engineering and Technology

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

School of Medicine and Health Sciences

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Bachelor of Science in Physician Assistantship
  • Bachelor of Science in Public Health

Centre For Open And Distance Education (CODE) Courses

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Banking and Finance
  • Bachelors of Science in Administration, Human Resource Management option
  • Bachelor of Science in Administration, Marketing option.

Post Graduate Programmes 

  • Masters of Philosophy in Economics
  • Master of Science Marketing Research
  • Masters Business Administration Marketing
  • Masters of Business Administration in Human Resource Management
  • Masters of Business Administration in General Management
  • Masters of Business Administration in Finance
  • Master of Philosophy in Theology
  • Masters of Arts Religious Studies
  • Executive Masters in Leadership and Governance

The Central Pre-University and Professional Institute (CPPI) Programmes

Central University Ghana
Central University Ghana (Image Source)

Mature applicants who are 25 years and above can have access to be trained in different courses in order to gain access to the university as an undergraduate.

Also, remedial classes for several subjects of the West African Secondary School Certificate Examinations (WASSCE) are available in the pre-university program.

The Central Pre-University and Professional Institute (CPPI) programs include offer certifications in:

  • Business Studies
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Journalism and Media Studies
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Professional Computing
  • Information Processing

Scool Fees In Central University Ghana

Central University Hostels
Central University Hostels (Image source)

The school fees at Central University Ghana are different in several departments. Also, the fees for Ghanian students differ from that of individuals from other countries. Here’s a complete list of what to expect in terms of school fees:

Ghanaian Students

Faculty of Central Business School

The school fees for this faculty is GH₵2,630 with the exception of BSc. Agribusiness Management and Agrib. Mgt. (weekend) which is GH₵2,400.

Faculty of Arts & Sciences

  • B.Sc in Environmental and Development Studies is GH₵2,742.
  • B.A in Communication studies and BSC. in Economics are GH₵2,500.
  • B.A in English, French, Sociology, social work, and B.Sc in Psychology are GH₵2,380.
  • The tuition fees for B.A, Christian Education, B.A, Church Administration, Family Counselling, and Theology is GH₵1,925.

Faculty Of Law

The university offers a Bachelor of Law for the tuition fees of GH₵5,001.

Faculty of Pharmacy

  • PharmD: GH₵5,500
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy: GH₵4,683

School Of Architecture And Design

  • Bachelor of Architecture: GH₵4,200
  • Real Estate: GH₵3,520
  • BSC. Planning: GH₵3,520

School of Medicine and Health Sciences

  • BSc. in Nursing (GENERIC): GH₵4,175
  • BSc. in Nursing (professional): GH₵3,769
  • BSc. in Nursing (SRN): GH₵2,500
  • BSc. in Physical Assistantship: GH₵5,076
  • BSc. in Public Health: GH₵3,552

School of Engineering and Technology

  • BSc. in Civil Engineering: GH₵4,325
  • BSc. in Computer Science: GH₵2,840
  • BSc. in Info. Tech: GH₵2,840

School of Graduate Studies

  1. MBA (Finance): GH₵4,562
  2. MBA (General Mgt): GH₵4,562
  3. MBA (Marketing): GH₵4,562
  4. MBA (H.R.M): GH₵4,562
  5. MBA (ALUMNUS) GH₵4,106
  6. MSc. GH₵5,000
  7. MSc. (ALUMNUS) GH₵4,500
  8. M.A (Religious Studies) GH₵4,308
  9. M.A (Religious Studies-Alumnus) GH₵3,696
  10. MPhil (Religious Studies) GH₵4,302
  11. MPhil (Religious Studies-Alumnus) GH₵3,873
  12. Executive Masters in Leadership Gov. GH₵4,562

International Students’ Fees in Central University

Faculty of Central Business School

  • US$1,515

Faculty of Arts & Sciences

All courses in this faculty pay tuition fees of US$1,360 with the exception of students of Communication Studies, Economics, and Env. and Dev. Studies who pay US$1,460.

Faculty of Law

  • US$3.071

School of Pharmacy

  • PharmD and Bachelor of Pharmacy programs: US$4,044

School of Architecture & Design

  • It ranges from US$2,370 to US$2,624

School of Medicine and Health Sciences

  • School fees are between US$1,700 and US$4,151, depending on the course of study.

School of Engineering & Technology

US$1,525 – US$2.700

School of Graduate Studies

  • US$1,620 – US$2,000

Other Important Charges In CU

Central University (Image Source)

One of the most important payments students and applicants make in the institution is that of accommodation amidst other things. The fee for accommodation solely depends on the type of hostel a student chooses. The cost of the hostel (Miosto Campus) is from GH₵2200 to GH₵8800. The lowest-paid hostel accommodation contains 4 occupants in a room while the most expensive is for a single occupant. However, students may decide to stay off-campus. Hence, there won’t be any need to pay for a hostel space.

FAQs About Central University Ghana Courses And Fees

1. How can I gain admission into Central University Ghana?

To gain admission into Central University, refer to the school portal available here.

2. Where do I pay fees?

School fees at CU can be paid at any Ecobank branch with either cash or a Bankers Draft. Miscellaneous payments below GH₵35 can however be done in cash at the Finance Office of the school.

3. When is the deadline for paying school fees at Central University?

For fresh students, fees must be paid for the semester before the first day of class. Returning students on the other hand can pay half of the fees before the beginning of lectures for each semester. The other part of the fees must be paid within 4 weeks of the beginning of the semester.

4. Is there a penalty for failure to pay fees at the school’s given time?

Yes, students who do not pay their fees at the time given by the institution will not be allowed to sit for exams.

5. How can an international student pay school fees for Central University Ghana?

International students can settle their school fees from any country through transfer into the school’s Ecobank account. Nonetheless, students must give information stipulating whether they are fresh students or continuing. Fresh students at the Central University Ghana will enter their names and application ID (Semester 1 only) while continuing students will fill in their names and registration number ID (ID number).

Account details of the CU for international students

  • Account Name: Central Univ. College foreign collection
  • Bankers: Ecobank Ghana Ltd
  • Branch: Tudu branch
  • Address: 7th Avenue Ridge West, PMB GPO, Accra
  • Telephone: 0302-681146/8
  • Account No: 0049104402563703
  • Swift Code: ECOCGHAC

6. Does Central University offer a discount to students?

There are scholarships available for CBS, STM, and FASS students in 200L and 300L with at least a CGPA of 3.0. Forms are made available at the Dean of Students’ office.

Also, alumni and ICGC members and their dependents are eligible for discounts.

8. How long does it take to complete Central University Ghana courses?

Most full-time degree courses last a period of three years while part-time courses last for 4 years. Also, diploma and Master’s programs last for a shorter period of time.

9. Who do I contact when I need help?

There are several contact details given by the Central Unversity Ghana for students who need help or guidance. For support or enquiry, contact information include: +233 0307 020540, +233 0303 318583, and +233 023 331 3180 (Whatsapp). Also, you can send mail via P O Box 2305 Tema or P.O BOX DS 2310 Dansoman, Accra- Ghana -West Africa. A mail can be sent to [email protected]


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