Court Dismisses Case Against President Mugabe’s Fitness To Rule

Zimbabwe’s constitutional court has dismissed the case against President Mugabe’s fitness to rule Zimbabwe.

Last year, Promise Mkwananzi, the leader of #Tajamuka took to the Constitutional court to file a petition against President Mugabe’s fitness to rule Zimbabwe. In the affidavit, he accused Mugabe, who turns 93 on February 21, of being a perpetrator of human rights abuse, as well as willfully violating the constitution. He sought a declaration from the court to testify that Mugabe is no longer fit to continue as President.

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On Wednesday, the Constitutional court presided by Deputy Chief Justice Luke Malaba dismissed the petition.

According to Chief Justice Luke Malaba:

“The application is dismissed on the basis that the respondent (Mugabe) was wrongly served with court papers. Instead of the papers being served at his Munhumutapa offices, the papers were served at the New Government Complex and they were served out of time as required by law.”

Promise Mkwananzi revealed that the sheriff had served the papers eight days, rather than 2 days, after they were stamped at the registrar’s office, which has now led to the dismissal of the petition.

Mkwananzi’s attorney, Kudzai Kadzere, added that he will restart the application “and ensure that the sheriff serves them in time to avoid such technicalities.”

Obama Vs Mugabe

A recently published image of former U.S president Barack Obama kitesurfing while on vacation has caused many Zimbabweans to suggest to Mugabe that post-presidency life can be fun.

Zimbabweans use every opportunity to tell their president to step down. When his daughter, Bona gave birth last year, many suggested he step down in order to spend more time with his family.

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The president has nonetheless continued with his quest to remain in power, stating that he will rule until his death.

“The general retirement age is 65 but here we are talking of someone who will be 93 in a fee days who wants to remain in power at that age; that’s unacceptable and we will use a multi-pronged approach to get the old man out of power,” said Promise Mkwananzi.