Court Ruling Has Freed Kizza Besigye On Bail

A high court ruling has freed Kizza Besigye on bail after he served two months in prison.

The ruling that freed Kizza Besigye was carried out by judge Wilson Musene during a hearing on Tuesday morning. The judge rejected calls by  prosecutors for him to be remanded indefinitely until his case is concluded.

As the Judge Musene ordered for Besigye’s release, a crowd of supporters chanted joyously.

“I’m very, very happy to be free, for now,” Besigye said, adding that he does not know how long he will be free for. He was driven to his home under police escort.

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Besigye was charged with treason in May after the former presidential candidate was caught in a mock swearing-in on the day President Yoweri Museveni was set to be sworn in.

the penalty for treason in Uganda is death and although the death penalty has not been used for a while now, Besigye’s supporters still feared for his life, thinking he might be poisoned in prison.

Besigye was led to conduct the mock swearing-in as a protest against the results of the Ugandan election which saw Yoweri Kaguta Museveni emerge as the winner.

Besigye was arrested constantly during the election. This accompanied with blockage of media coverage of events, as well as the detainment of some other opposition candidate led election observers to condemn the election process.

The election saw Museveni win by 60% but Besigye called it a fraudulent win and called on the supreme court to do something about it. However, the court saw none of the irregularities regarding the election as enough to annul Museveni’s win.

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At a point, Besigye resorted to calling out to the international community for help but there was little that could be done for a country which has been ruled for 30 years by a man who publicly shows his disrespect for international criminal bodies such a the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Museveni has served as president of Uganda for 30 years since seizing power in 1986.