Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast: How Can You Watch It Online For Free?

It was only a matter of time until someone took advantage of the many terrible stories of breakups and all the craziness that is always associated with it to make a show centered around crazy exes. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a show that is a mixture of the genres of romance, musicals, comedy, and drama. The show premiered on The CW on the 12th of October 2015. It was created by Aline McKenna and Rachel Bloom, who also stars in the lead role. The show was renewed for its final season which will be its fifth season on the 2nd of April 2018.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast

Rebecca Bunch

Rebecca Bunch is the lead character of the show – a highly educated lawyer who worked at a top New York City law firm before moving her entire life in the hopes of reconnecting with a lover from her past. Below we look at the main cast from the beginning that makes crazy ex-girlfriend such a beloved show.

Rachel Bloom

Rachel Bloom who co-created the show acts the part of Rebecca Bunch a lawyer from New York who suffers from depression and anxiety. She is an impulsive person, who hallucinates when she is emotionally distressed. The plot of the show has her uprooting her life to move to California desperate move to win back a crush named Josh Chan that she had befriended years earlier in a summer camp. The character is eccentric and socially awkward and was diagnosed in season three with the borderline personality disorder.

Vincent Rodriguez III

The character of Josh Chan is acted out by Vincent Rodriguez III. He is mostly oblivious to Rebecca’s feelings and displays serious commitment issues. The character is also perceived to be hugely self-centered, but slowly improves as a person and begins a journey of self-discovery.

Santino Fontana

In season 1 and 2, Fontana acts the part of Greg Serrano – Josh’s best friend who is a bartender, a smart man who is a chronic underachiever. His feelings for Rebecca are complicated and he goes away to attend business school to get some space from her.

Skylar Astin

In season 4, Skylar Astin takes over as Greg Serrano.

crazy ex-girlfriend
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Donna Lynne Champlin

She acts the part of Paula Proctor who is Rebecca’s new best friend as well as co-worker. For a long time, she encourages Rebecca’s weird pursuit of Josh because she feels unfulfilled in her own life and regrets not pursuing her dreams when she was younger. One gag used throughout the show is how neglectful she and her husband, Scott, are about their kids. She has skills in spying, tracking, manipulation and the tools and gadgets to match those skills.

Pete Gardner

Pete Gardner acts the part of Darry Whitefeather. Whitefeather is Rebecca’s boss, who is often overly emotional, clueless and sentimental. He discovers his bisexuality and starts dating Josh Wilson. He develops friends in Rebecca, Paula, Maya, and Nathaniel. His relationship with Josh is the most stable on the show until they break up because Whitefeather wants a baby.

Vella Lovell

Lovell acts the part of Heather Davis, a cool college student who is Rebecca’s neighbor and then roommate. She has been coddled all through her childhood and so is very dependent and unmotivated to have any personal achievements. She is forced in season 3 to graduate from college and goes on to become a regional manager for a bar as well as a surrogate for Whitefeather’s child.

How Can You Watch It Online For Free

The CW has all episodes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on their platforms seeing as they commissioned the show. For that reason, is the easiest place to catch episodes of the show. Just downloading the app will allow you stream episodes of Crazy Ex-girlfriend for free.

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Alternatively, fans can catch the show by signing up for a month free trial on Netflix. With the free trial, fans get access to previous seasons of the show as well as the one currently being aired and with the Netflix app they can choose to either stream online or on the Netflix app or download episodes to watch later. So either get on Netflix or the CW app and catch episodes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend for free.

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