Cristina Blackwell Biography – 5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

The name Cristina Blackwell may not readily ring a bell but this is one lady you need to watch out for. Blackwell is a fast-rising TV personality in America. She has worked as a reporter and a meteorologist for several media organizations. She currently hosts Great Day SA, a popular lifestyle show on KENS-TV station. Find out more about Blackwell here including her bio as well as five interesting facts about her.

Cristina Blackwell Biography

Cristina Blackwell was born on the 19th of November 1983 in San Antonio Texas. The names of her parents are not public knowledge but we do know that her mom is Mexican, specifically from Mexico city. Her father, on the other hand, is American and is from Alabama. Her parents divorced while she was growing up and her mom subsequently remarried a career diplomat.

Cristina Blackwell had a childhood that most people would dream of. She spent her formative years in different parts of America such as El Paso, Austin, Phoenix as well as Mexico. She actually had her education at a high school in the Mexican town of Cuernavaca. For college, Blackwell returned to the states and enrolled at the University of San Antonio. She spent four years at the institution (2005 – 2009) and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Speech Communications.

5 Interesting Facts about Cristina Blackwell

1. She Has Worked in Both Print and Electronic Media

Cristina Blackwell commenced her career while still in college. In her junior and senior years, she interned at KENS-TV as well as La Prensa Newspaper. Upon leaving college, Blackwell joined an ABC affiliated news station known as KSAT12 News. She conducted interviews and did technical work such as editing, writing, and voiceovers. After three months at the station, Cristina Blackwell re-joined La Prensa newspaper as a reporter. She spent a little over three years there before being tapped to join Univision in March 2011.

She stayed with Univision until December 2012 and served as a host of Despierta SA. This is a daily program which features local news as well as interviews with experts and public figures. She did such excellent work that she was moved up to the national network. There, she served as a meteorologist and also co-hosted a show known as Despierta America. Cristina Blackwell took a break from her career in 2012. However, she still kept her hand in the pie by writing a blog known as Cris ‘n’ Tell. Blackwell made her professional comeback in the year 2016. She now hosts Great Day SA, a show she previously worked on as a lowly college intern.

2. She is Married to a Professional Athlete

Cristina Blackwell is married to professional ice hockey player, Peter MacArthur. Peter is a native of Clifton Park New York and was born on the 20th of June 1985. He played college sports at Boston University and graduated in 2008. Since going pro, he has played for teams in the ECHL (East Coast Hockey League) and AHL (American Hockey League). He has also played for teams in European countries such as Austria and Germany.

Blackwell and MacArthur tied the knot around 2012. Their union necessitated her taking a break in her career as she had to relocate to Europe with him. The couple has since returned to America on a permanent basis. They also have a son together. His name is William Robert and was born in 2015.

Cristina Blackwell
Cristina Blackwell/Instagram

3. She is an Advocate Against Bullying

Blackwell is passionate about eradicating bullying. This passion stems from the personal experience she endured. While she was in high school, she once found her classmates passing a note. When she got her hands on it, she discovered that it was a cruel mock petition against her which many of them had signed. She was embarrassed and ashamed as a result of the petition and cried when she got home. Blackwell, however, rose above this hurtful experience to become an accomplished lady

4. She is a Professionally-Trained Chef

Blackwell spent one and a half years in Paris after high school. During this time, she studied at the famed culinary institute, Le Condon Blue. She initially aspired to make a career in that direction but that didn’t pan out. Despite this, her lessons have not gone to waste. She utilizes her knowledge to prepare sumptuous meals for her family.

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5. Cristina Blackwell is Bilingual

Cristina Blackwell is fluent in English and Spanish. This is thanks to her mom who taught her Spanish at home. This fluency has come in handy in the course of her career. During her stint at La Prensa Newspaper, she wrote articles and columns in both English and Spanish.

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