Understanding The Personality Behind Cryaotic, His YouTube Success and Other Facts About The Star

There are many YouTube celebrities and thanks to their subscribers and views, they earn a good living from what they do. Cryaotic, also known as Cry and ChaoticMonki, is a YouTube celebrity famous for his Let’s Play series and his optimistic personality in a predominantly toxic community.

While his creations are widely popular, the man behind them remains a mystery. Several speculations have gone into why his face remains hidden, and he has resisted the urge to come out of the shadows. In turn, it has become part of his brand, fueling a degree of success many would be proud to have.

Social Anxiety Has Kept Cryaotic from Revealing His Face

He is one of those celebrities that value their privacy greatly. Because of that, there is extraordinarily little known about him other than the fact that he was born on June 11, 1989. He keeps his face hidden for his videos and shares little about his life. He has stated that this is due to social anxiety and safety reasons.

Although over the years, Cryaotic has shared unimportant facts about himself, he has limited them to generic details most people share. He has remarked that personal questions make him uncomfortable. On the Late Night with Cry and Russ live stream, the word ‘face’ is banned. No doubt, this is due to ChaoticMonki’s aversion to showing his face and answering personal questions.

Artistic representations of the YouTuber have become his digital call sign: image source

To make up for the lack of physical identity, he has an artistic representation of his face designed by him and his fans to represent his moods or state. The most popular is Sup Guy or Cry Dude, which is his official mascot. Others are Mad!Cry, Handsome!Cry, DrunkCry, and Thneed.

The YouTuber Has Two Siblings and Was Raised by a Single Mother

Although the world has not been able to attach a name to the face, a few revealed details have popped out about the YouTuber. We know that he was born in Binghamton, New York, and he lives in Florida. Cryaotic has also revealed he is the middle child of three children, with a brother and a sister.

His mother raised all of them, and their father has been absent from their lives for reasons he is yet to share. As for his physical looks, a few details have emerged, one of which is that he has blue eyes. We also know that he is of six ethnicities – Irish, French, Scottish, German, Italian, and Cherokee.

Furthermore, although most of his fans suggest he has brown hair, he has denied it is true. He does wear glasses and has confirmed he is pansexual.

His Voice is One of His Most Identifying Features

Cryaotic is very identifiable thanks to his voice. Fans worldwide have commented on how captivating his voice is, and it has driven curiosity about what the man behind it looks like. The enigma surrounding his identity is so great, female fans from all over the globe constantly beg him to reveal himself because they find his voice so attractive.

The gamer has mentioned several times that he feels uncomfortable mixing his personal life with his persona on YouTube, despite how much fans want to know who he is. However, some fans are okay not knowing what he looks like, choosing instead to enjoy his commentary and his video gaming skills.

Let’s Play Brought Cryaotic Widespread Digital Fame

Cryaotic began his YouTube career when he created his ChaoticMonki account on March 14, 2006. Like other gamers on the video-sharing platform, Cryaotic shares his playthrough of different videogames in his Let’s Play series. He has dabbled in various video game genres, from horror to adventure, and even flash games.

His gaming versatility and optimistic disposition earned him the attention of many people online. Since he began his channel, he has played over 80 games from major studios and independent developers. As of August 2020, he had accrued more than 2.6 subscribers and over 506 million views.

Aside from Let’s Play, his channel also has content like Cry Tries, Cry and Friends Play, Cry Reads, and Cry Abridges. In Cry Reads, which benefits from his widely admired voice, he reads different short stories, mostly Creepypastas or internet-related tales.

Partnership with Other YouTubers Helped Cement His Online Stardom

Due to Cryaotic’s fame, there was a comment-war between his fans and those of PewDiePie, a fellow YouTuber. But then, the YouTubers reached out to each other and from there, a friendship formed. ChaoticMonki and PewDiePie have played co-op games together and uploaded to the latter’s channel.

Because of the camaraderie between the two gamers, their relationship earned the nickname PewDieCry. Some of the games they’ve played together are No More Room In Hell, DayZ, Left 4 Dead, Portal 2, and Sunset Riders.

Since 2011, he has partnered with other gamers like Russ Money, Snake, and Scott June to live stream an all-night gaming session titled, Late Night with Cry and Russ on his Twitch account, Cryaotic. Every Saturday, the crew come together to stream video game plays for eight hours.

He started the show to play with fans throughout the night, but the logistics proved impossible. He then settled for a crew with a variety of streamers. The show grew his Twitch account to almost 800,000 followers as of September 2020 with more than 44.5 million views.

Cryaotic and Cheyenne Avila Used to be Lovers

Thanks to Cryaotic’s mysterious background and his refusal to share private information with the public, details about his past relationships are unavailable. However, it is known that he once dated another gamer, Cheyenne Avila.

She was born on December 7, 1994, in Las Vegas, Nevada. From what we gathered, the relationship began when he was 21 and Cheyenne 16. Even though it started as an adult and a minor dating, it did not get in the way of the relationship.

Cheyenne with a Cryaotic logo-shaped toy: image source

Cheyenne started as a regular attendee of the Twitch show Late Night but then was able to join the crew. She guest-starred on the show and later became an official member of the Late Night Crew. While they were together, Cryaotic and Cheyenne had a tumultuous relationship, one that created a toxic environment in the group, leading to the exit of many members.

A closer look into their relationship revealed that Cheyenne has a borderline personality disorder. After a couple of years of drama, the two parted ways in 2019.

He Has Been Accused of Sexually Harassing Minors

Cryaotic’s ex-girlfriend, Cheyenne, and a Twitter user, @LadyTiabeanie, accused him of grooming multiple underage women over several years. The allegation and controversy began on June 18, 2020, after Lady Tiabeanie shared a detailed outlook of her relationship with the faceless YouTuber.

Other people have since shared their experiences, lodging similar accusations at him. In response, Cryaotic published a video on June 20, confirming the allegations. However, he did note that while he engages in relationships with underage people, none of it was physical, and it was all online.

He also confirmed he had sexual relationships with the girlfriend of his former Late Night Crew partner and close friend, Russ Money. The seemingly apologetic video was negatively received, and Cryaotic, in a Twitter post, admitted he recorded it in a manic state. He also promised a real apology video would come later.

As of August 2020, he is yet to publish another video on his YouTube channel in response to the controversy. His Twitch account, where he has almost 800,000 followers, has been banned. News of the ban broke on September 10, 2020, and although Twitch never gave an official reason, the allegations are widely considered to be responsible for it.

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