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Crystal Bernard is an American songwriter, singer, and actress best known for her role as Helen Chappell in NBC’s 1990 situation comedy Wings. She has a net worth of $5 million. Crystal Bernard has dated some men over the years, but she is not married and has no children.

Although Bernard has long been away from the showbiz arena, her relationship status continues to be a point of interest for millions of her fans who still wonder if the Texas-born beauty will eventually find love like in the fairy tales. She has been the subject of several rumors, but we all know how rumors end, don’t we? So, in case you’ve ever wondered about the behind-the-camera life of Crystal Bernard, your search has been worth it. Here’s what we’ve pieced together about her.

Crystal Bernard’s Bio

Crystal Lynn Bernard (a.k.a Crystal Bernard) was born on September 30, 1961, in Garland, Texas, to Jerry Wayne Bernard and Gaylon Fussell. She and three siblings―Robyn, Angelique, and Scarlett―were raised in Oak Creek Village, Houston, Texas. She attended the Bammel Middle School. After which, she attended Spring High School and then moved on to Baylor University, where she acquired degrees in international relations and acting.

At first, her aim was to become a songwriter, so she relocated to Los Angeles to actively pursue a career in that area. However, Bernard soon developed an added interest in acting. What sparked her passion for acting is still not clear. She went on to study acting at the Alley Theater in Houston, Texas.

The Bernards are known for their musical stint. Crystal’s father, Dr. Jerry Wayne Bernard, traveled across the US, preaching and singing as a Baptist televangelist. And little Crystal wasn’t left out of the “show”. She and her sisters would accompany him on his trips, and father and daughters would all sing at revival meetings.

The Bernard sisters sang together in the church choir when they were girls. At just eight, Crystal and her elder sister, Robyn, would go on to sing and record the hit song, The Monkey Song. A song that deflated the evolution theory and has remained symbolic down the decades. As teenagers, Crystal and Robyn sang and released about twelve gospel albums.

Professional Acting Career

Although music took her to Los Angeles, it was acting that brought Bernard into the limelight. She made her TV debut as Kelly in the NBC situation comedy Gimme a Break in 1982. Still, around 1982, she landed a role in the prime-time TV series Happy Days. Throughout the 16 episodes of Happy Days, she starred as KC Cunningham from 1982 to 1983.

Bernard’s acting career began fully in 1982 when she appeared in the movie Young Doctors in Love. After that, she appeared in various serials such as Fantasy Island and High School USA (1983) and The Love Boat from 1983 to 1985. Other major roles were as Amy Tompkins, a waitress, in the 93 episodes of ABC situation comedy It’s a Living. The series ran from 1985 to 1989.

Aside from these, Bernard also appeared in the major movies Slumber Party Massacre II (1987), Gideon, Jackpot, and Welcome to Paradise. She has also featured in three-stage productions, including a Los Angeles production, Crimes of the Heart (1999). A year later, she again played the role of Annie Oakley in a 1999 Marquis Theatre revival of Annie Get Your Gun. Crystal eventually retired from acting in 2008.

Crystal Bernard‘s Music Career

All the while, Bernard’s musical career also flourished, riding on her acting popularity. She wrote and sang a couple of hit songs, including Forever Tonight, Have We Forgotten What Love Is (1996), State of Mind (1997), and Hey (1999). Her signatory hissing voice gave her a unique place in the hearts of fans. In 1996, Bernard released two albums, followed by two singles in 1999, one of which was Don’t Touch Me There. Her second album was of secular songs, except a gospel song her father featured in.

Aside from her solo works, Bernard partnered with some renowned voices in the music industry. She co-wrote If I Were Your Girl from the album Head over Heels by Paula Abdul, with songwriter Rhett Lawrence. In 1995, Bernard sang a duet with Peter Cetera titled I Wanna Take Forever Tonight. The song was part of Cetera’s 1995 album, One Clear Voice. Bernard also wrote songs for Tracie Spencer, Lisa Stansfield, Debbie, and Angie Winans. Since her retirement from showbiz in 2008, Bernard has kept a low profile. In 2003, her name was included in the Hair Fan’s Hall of Fame.

Net Worth

After a celebrated career in film, TV, theater, and music, Crystal Bernard’s net worth now stands at over $5 million, according to credible sources.

Husband and Family Life of the Singer

Crystal Bernard.
Crystal Bernard and Her Then Boyfriend, Tony Thomas

In spite of her Southern Baptist upbringing, Bernard doesn’t seem to be a die-hard believer in marriage. Her history is fraught with episodes of affairs without any long-term relationship or marriage. In her heydays, she was romantically involved with a number of celebrities, including Grammy-winning producer Michael Shipley. Crystal was also in a long-term relationship with film producer Tony Thomas.

She was also linked to conservative political commentator Rush Limbaugh in the late 90s. The relationship, however, caved in due to their busy work schedules. In 2010, however, Rush finally settled with Kathryn Adams. Bernard also dated co-movie star Billy Dean in 2004. However, they had a split barely one year later. Recent rumors have it that Bernard secretly settled down with fellow singer Peter Cetera. The two began their love walk in 1995 when they sang a duet together. This has remained a rumor. As of today, Bernard is still single.


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