Is Crystal Westbrooks Related to India Love Westbrooks?

Crystal Westbrooks is the older sister of India Love Westbrooks, the American reality television actress, online personality, and model best known for her role in the reality show The Westbrooks, which followed her daily life with her older sisters, Crystal, Bree, Morgan, and Brooke.

Crystal Westbrooks of ‘The Westbrooks’ fame is not only popular for the aforementioned reality show. The natural Westbrooks daughter is a sizzling hot Instagram star, a renowned fashion guru and a model whose sense of style has made prominent on and off social media. She pulls greater weight on social media especially on Instagram and Tumblr platforms by posting smashing photos of herself, modelling. Although Crystal and her sisters have made a name for themselves on social media and on TV, there is still more to know about the family. Moreso, there have been contrasting opinions about her relationship with India Love. Here are more facts about Crystal Westbrooks.

Who Is Crystal Westbrooks?

She was born on March 6, 1993, to her parents in Florida, United States. Crystal who is the fifth child in the family, grew up in California with her parents Warren and Candice Westbrooks, alongside her six siblings; two brothers and four sisters – Pop, Brooke, Morgan, Bree, India, and Blake. After her Elementary school in Ambler Avenue Elementary School in Californa, she attended Santiago High School. While in school, Crystal who was fondly called Hippie, was a free-spirited person with a very contagious personality. These were indeed suiting temperaments for her cheer-leading and cross-country track activities in school. After high school, she proceeded to Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas.

Career – The Westbrooks Series

The Westbrooks reality series started when Crystal was still in school. At the time, her parents got the offer to air their family life on the BET channel. The family got noticed by the media after her father posted a series of videos of his pretty daughters. After producers showed interest in making a series out of their life, the Brooks leader, his wife, as well as his daughters consented and the ship set sail in 2015, with the premiere.

Crystal Westbrooks
The Westbrooks

After the family gave the nod to the offer, Crystal and her sisters were mainly featured on the popular show – The Westbrooks. The Instagram star who at the time was studying in California would fly to Texas for the filming of the show. The show which involves all the members of the Westbrooks clan – Warren and Candace and their 7 children who are filled with passion and the desire for excellence. It featured mainly, the five Westbrooks sisters – India, Crystal, Bree, Morgan, and Brooke, who were already making waves on social media.

Seeing as the show had a lot in common with the popular ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ (KUWTK), the Westbrooks made it clear that they were not seeking to copy their lifestyle. According to the Westbrooks, showcasing the lifestyles of five sisters and their mother was the only thing the two shows had in common. Moreso, the rumours that the Westbrooks were rivals to the Kardashians were trashed by reports that the former’s popularity came from their high prominence on the internet.

Before The Westbrooks episode of her life, Crystal posted her first Instagram photo in 2013. She gradually attracted followers by posting her cute modelling photos online. More modelling offers came following her growth on Instagram, and from a regular girl-next-door, she rose to Instagram fame with over 1 million subscribers. She pulls a large following on Tumblr, Snapchat, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Is She Related to India Love Westbrooks

Crystal Westbrooks
Crystal and India Love Westbrooks

When talking about the Westbrooks, the mere mention of the name ‘Drake’ often raises the aforementioned question; and this is why. India Love Westbrooks is a younger sister to Crystal. India Love who grew to fame on Instagram long before Crystal was the one who inspired her older sister to start posting pictures for the gram.

Now to the ‘Drake’ part of the story. Crystal used to be in a relationship with musician Drake who happened to have dated her sister India in the past. Crystal’s relationship with the rapper caused some fracas between the two Westbrooks sisters. The rift involved some attacks and counter-attacks via their Twitter accounts, drawing the attention of the public to the drama. India was clearly not going to peacefully allow her elder sister to date a man she had already had a relationship with. But the drama soon died down.


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