A Walk Through The Maze of Cynthia Nixon’s Filmography, Activism and Sexual Orientation

Fans of the HBO series; Sex and the City are not strangers to the talent of Cynthia Nixon. The work she did on this show as Miranda Hobbes has given her global renown and multiple award nominations; including a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, which she won.

For Nixon, her career as an actress has spanned across many mediums including film, television, and theatre. Recognizing the reach that she has as a popular person, Cynthia Nixon has lent her voice to social and political issues.

Cynthia Nixon Made Her Debut In A Show That Featured Her Mom

Cynthia Ellen Nixon’s career in entertainment started when she was a child and this was possible because her parents worked in entertainment. Her father, Walter Elmer Nixon Jr. was a radio journalist and Anne Elizabeth, her mother worked as an actress. Her first appearance on TV was the game show, To Tell the Truth. Her mother worked on this show, so it was only fitting that her start was under her mother’s tutelage.

The game show appearance did not require her to work in the capacity of an actress; it was not until 1979 that she acted for the first time. This was in the after school special The Seven Wishes of a Rich Kid. Three years after, she had her debut in a feature film playing the role of Sunshine Walker in the movie Little Darlings.

For the entire period that Nixon was a student, through high school and university, she worked as an actress. The money she made from acting was what put her through the university.

Nixon Focused On Theater In Her Early Days

In 1984, as a freshman studying English Literature at Barnard College, she made a career move that was unheard of and established her as an extremely talented actress. She performed in two major Broadway plays – The Real Thing and Hurlyburly.

The two plays debuted on the same day and were going on simultaneously in different theaters on the same street, and because she had a very minor role in each of them, Nixon found ways to run from theatre to theatre for her performances.

Her theater debut was however in the 1980 revival of The Philadelphia Story where she played Dinah Lord. Most of the works Cynthia Nixon did in the 80s and 90s were theatre performances, others include the 1994 production of Angels in America, The Last Night of Ballyhoo, and Indiscretions where her role that earned her a Tony Nomination.

Sex and the City and Global Recognition

By the time Cynthia Nixon got cast on the hit show Sex and the City, she had appeared in more than twenty movies, TV shows, and plays altogether. Some of those works include Baby’s Day Out, Marvin’s Room, Law and Order, and Murder She Wrote.

Playing Miranda Hobbes – a lawyer among a group of four single friends who try to navigate their single lives in New York City, on the 1998 TV show Sex and the City, was an announcement of Nixon’s skill to a global audience. For her performance, she was nominated four consecutive times from 2002 to 2004 for the Emmy award of Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series and won it in 2004. She was also nominated for four Golden Globes awards.

Cynthia Nixon’s career as an actress is robust, with roles that cut across all spheres of life and are replete with representations of a variety of characters; Cynthia Nixon is a spectacular actress whose body of work speaks to the high level of talent she possesses.

Post Sex And The City

Nixon’s career continued to blossom even after her acclaim in the Sex and the City series. The talented actress had gone on to reprise her role as Miranda Hobbes in movies Sex and the City (2008) and Sex and the City 2 (2010) and was quite remarkable.

She went on to further explore the movies faculty by appearing in Terence Davies’ A Quiet Passion, James White, and other films which earned her lots of recognition. During this time she was also on Broadway. Nixon made appearances on productions like Wit and The Little Foxes.

She Has Earned a Lot From Her Successful Career 

With all the success she has enjoyed as an actress her net worth is estimated to be $25 million which is befitting for the quality of work that she has put out. Cynthia was said to have earned up to $3 million for her role in the first film adaptation of Sex and the City.

Thanks to her political aspiration, her tax records were released in 2018 and it was discovered that in the year 2017, Cynthia made $1.3 million in earnings. Together with her partner, she bought an apartment worth over $3 million in 2012. Although they are still together, it is not clear if they still live in the same apartment.

The Actress Once Vied For New York’s Gubernatorial Seat

Though she shares the same last name with a former US president Richard Nixon, the two are not related, but just like this president, the actress has been vocal about her thoughts on certain political issues. While contributing her quota to the entertainment industry, Nixon has also played significant roles in American politics.

She advocates for public education, the legalization of marijuana, and women’s health-particularly breast cancer awareness. Her decision to raise awareness of breast cancer was triggered by her diagnosis with breast in 2006.

Cynthia Nixon’s interest in politics can be seen in her active involvement in political issues. She has been an ardent supporter of Bill de Blasio and Bernie Sanders. In 2018, she announced on Twitter that she had decided to run for governor of New York against Andrew Cuomo, then Governor of the state, she sought for nomination under the Democratic party but was unsuccessful at the party’s primaries.

Cynthia Nixon is Bisexual

Cynthia Nixon
Nixon and Christine Marinoni: Image Source

On Sex and the City, the character Nixon played was in a relationship with a bisexual man and the actress’s proximity to a character like that caused speculation about her sexuality. In 2004 when Nixon started to date Christine Marinoni, speculations about her sexuality were confirmed. Five years after their relationship started, they got engaged and in 2012 they got married in New York City.

Nixon’s partner is an activist for education and the rights of the LGBT community; two things which Nixon is fully involved in. Marinoni has also worked for the government of New York City as an adviser to Mayor Richard Buery.

Commenting on her sexuality in 2007, Cynthia Nixon stated that she had always been with men but when she found herself in love with a woman, it did not feel strange to her. In the year she got married, she began to identify as bisexual. Marinoni and Nixon have a child together, their son Max Ellington was born in 2011.

The actress had dated a school teacher Danny Mozes for fifteen years. They never got married and during the period they dated they had two children together. There is not a lot of information publicly available on her children with Mozes. In 2018 she announced that her oldest child was transgender.

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