Two Men Given Life Sentence For Organizing Daallo Airlines Blast

A Somalian military court has sentenced two criminals for organizing the bomb blast which occurred aboard a Daallo Airlines passenger plane in February.

The two men were sentenced to life in prison, whereas 8 others which included a woman were given sentences between six months to four years in prison.

One of them was a former top security official at the Mogadishu airport by the name, Abdiwali Mahmud Maow as well as another Arais Hashi Abdi who was tried by the military court in absentia. Abidwali was responsible for making the bomb that looked like a laptop.

Both men were convicted of being members of the jihadist group, Al-Shabab while the other 5 were convicted for being accessories to the attack.

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In February 2016, A Daallo airlines passenger plane which had 75 on board was said to have experienced an explosion that left a large hole in its fuselage having a body fall out of the plane during the disaster.

Two Men Given Life Sentence For Organizing Daallo Airlines Blast

The pilot of the plane had made an emergency return to the airport. At the time it was unclear what had caused the explosion on the plane but reports later confirmed that it was indeed a bomb explosion. The report revealed that the bomb was in hidden in a laptop– which Abdiwali Mahmud Maow is now being convicted for.

It’s also suspected that the body of a man which was sucked out of the plane during the explosion belonged to Abdullahi Abdisalam Borle. Borle had taken the laptop-bomb onto the airplane and had boarded the airline with a Turkish Airline boarding pass. A body was also found in a nearby town suspected to have been that of Borle.

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Somalia’s Al-Shabab took responsibility for the  attack. The islamist millitants had however admitted that they had failed in their plan to take down the entire plane.