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Veteran actor Dabney Coleman is an Award-winning entertainer whose career has spanned for over 50 years in Hollywood. The American born movie star has appeared in more than 60 films and TV series, often portraying the characters of some comic relief villains. He gained massive popularity for the roles he played in productions like Buffalo Bill, Nine to Five as well as The Slap Maxwell Story but, his career in entertainment took-off when the famed actor began to show his artistic prowess on the stage in some theatrical productions while studying acting in a New York.

After a couple of years, Dabney Coleman was cast in minor roles in film and television series, following which his career began to thrive. The veteran actor’s notable contributions to the world of entertainment have earned him worldwide popularity, some Emmy Awards as well as a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Who is Dabney Coleman and When was He Born?

He is the son of Melvin Randolph Coleman and his wife Mary Wharton (Johns) who named him Dabney Wharton Coleman at birth. The celeb actor was born in Austin, Texas, on the 3rd of June 1932, Coleman’s place of birth is a clear indication of his American nationality but he is of Irish, German, English, Welsh, Scottish, as well as Swiss-German ancestry. There is no information regarding the professions of his parents, besides, it is not indicated whether he has any siblings or not, which may mean that he is an only child.

After he was through with his early education, Dabney Coleman joined Virginia Military Institute in 1949 after which he passed through a two-year service in the military. While in the military, he played professional tennis and won several celebrity and charity tournaments. After his time in the military, he got admitted into the University of Texas to study law. However, Dabney changed his mind in the long run and opted to study drama instead, graduating in 1954. Upon graduation, Dabney joined New York Neighborhood Playhouse School from 1958 to1960 to study method acting under the tutelage of Sanford Meisner. His inspiration to follow a career in acting was sparked during his day in college after he watched actor Zachary Scott in action.

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While he was busy with studies, Dabney Coleman was also participating in several regional theater productions with his debut made on the stage of a Broadway drama titled A Call on Kuprin. It was in1962 that the actor relocated to LA, where he engaged in several appearances on the small screen. Coleman’s first screen appearance was accomplished in The Slender Thread – a 1965 melodrama, performing alongside veterans like Anne Bancroft and Sidney Poitier. Till Date, the famed actor has been quite prolific appearing in several productions in both movies and television series; however, he became a household name through his roles in movies such as You’ve Got Mail, The Towering Inferno as well as Don’t Apply.

The famed actor also gained popularity on the small screen, especially with Buffalo Bill – the comic-drama through which he got his big break, and in addition, earned a couple of Emmys from the production. All Dabney Coleman’s award nominations include three Golden Globes and six Emmys, winning one from each.

While he saw actors like Birdie Tibbitts and Billy Martin as heroes during his youth, he still holds the likes of Martin Balsam and Arthur Kennedy in high esteem.

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Is He Still Acting?

For someone who has been part of the entertainment industry since the early 1960s, it comes as a surprise that Dabney Coleman is still very strong and active even as an octogenarian. Recently, at the 22nd Annual Satellite Awards in 2018, the International Press Academy decorated him with the Mary Pickford Award for his Outstanding Artistic Contribution to the Entertainment Industry.

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Dabney Coleman’s presence was still felt in the entertainment world till January 2019 when he joined the CBS show NCIS at the 16th season, playing the role of Mr. Sydney. Thus, he is still acting. However, news of his ostensible death hit the airwaves on the 23rd of June 2019, alleging that he died from natural causes. But this report was never confirmed which has made fans to wonder whether it was the usual celebrity death hoax that has been making the rounds in recent times.

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