Meet Damon Thomas, Kim Kardashian’s First Husband Before Kris Humphries and Kanye West

While we all know the popular media personality, Kim Kardashian‘s current husband Kanye West, and her elaborate wedding with her second husband, Kris Humphries, only a few have one or two detailed facts about the very first man who swept her off her feet, Damon Thomas. Surprisingly, Damon has been in the entertainment industry making head waves yet has not gained public recognition. Her, you will get to find out many amazing facts about Kim’s little secret with Damon including every single detail of their union in this article.

Damon Thomas eloped with young Kim Kardashian

As we all know the euphoria of love can barely be managed within adolescents. Most of them often lose it and either take to pregnancy or even eloping with their partners with reason to be with their first love. Well, Kim and Damon’s love tale is one of such. At the age of 19, the media personality ran away with a man known as Damon Thomas and subsequently got married to him.

Damon, whose birth date and month are not anywhere close to records, was born in California, United States sometime in 1970. There is a dearth of information regarding his background as well as the details of his educational accomplishments.

Similarly, Thomas has not disclosed how he ventured into his music career, however, he is known as a songwriter and producer who collaborates with producer Harvey Mason Jr under the name; The Underdogs. Damon initially worked with R&B producer, Kenneth Babyface Edmonds. The two came together sometime in the ’90s and went ahead to produce and write a lot of songs. Some of their musical gigs that period includes Dru Hill’s, These Are the Times, Faith Evans, Never Gonna Let You Go, and Pink’s Most Girls.

Damon Thomas began working with Harvey Mason Jr in 1999 following the production of their first musical gig, I Like Them Girls. Ever since then, they have collaborated with other music celebrities in the world of arts. The duo performed a few musical gigs with Omarion, J. Valentine, Justin Timberlake, Donell Jones, Mario Vasquez, JoJo, Stacie Orrico, R. Kelly, Jessica Mauboy, Chris Brown, Jordin Sparks, Fantasia, Katharine McPhee, and a lot of others.

One of their songs was used as a song track for the movie, ‘Dreamgirls’ and they also worked with Aretha Franklin/Mary J. Blige for their song, Never Gonna Break My Faith. The Underdogs subsequently produced Up 2 You; one of Chris Brown’s track on his album Living Proof in 2011. In the following year, they produced a soundtrack for the popular music film, ‘Pitch Perfect 1 and 2’. Going through his resume, Damon Thomas has done a lot of musical gigs alongside his friend, Harvey but is not publicly recognized. However, he became a thought for discussion after his marriage mishap with Kim Kardashian.

Damon was Kim Kardashian’s first husband and they were married for 3 years 

As aforementioned, young Kim was a bit confused about how she felt for Damon, in her words, she eloped with him because of ecstasy. Well, if Kim couldn’t ascertain her love for Damon, we wonder if we can. Here is their story…

Kim who was nineteen as at that time, met and fell in love with Damon Thomas who was way older than her. Prior to that, she never had a true experience of a relationship, not talking of marriage but she followed her emotions and finally took her nuptial vows with him in the year 2000. At that point, Kim was still a lowly girl who hadn’t earned a spot on the fame list. The two enjoyed their marriage at first but got it all crumbling in a messy divorce in 2003.

Damon Thomas and Kim Kardashians

Recently, their divorced pa

Their divorce was due to domestic violence

per got exposed and there were a lot of shitty things involved. According to records, Damon treated Kim very badly. She was subjected to domestic violence, stalking, and emotional abuse. Damon also tried everything within his reach to separate her from her family as well as stopping her from going to school. Also, Kim claims that the producer forced her to undergo a liposuctioning, insisting he was solely after her looks. With all these stated allegations in court, the judge granted the media personality a divorce which ended their marriage.

After a long time, Damon Thomas still pokes nose in the affairs of the media personality.  In 2017, he openly referred to Kim as an attention seeker who has no talents and called her a fame-whore. On Kim’s part, she has bluntly refused to say a word to him and has continually focused on her career, new husband- Kanye West and her children; Saint, West, and Chicago West.


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