Inside Dan Avidan’s Many-Sided Career Portfolio and Other Facts About The Entertainer

Dan Avidan has diversified his talents so much that it is hard to pin a profession on him. Not only is he a jack of all trades, but he is also a master of them all, a quality we do not get to see often. He is a musician, comedian, internet personality, video game enthusiast, songwriter, and actor. One has to wonder how he got involved in all of these fields and more importantly, how he came to be successful in all of them. But then, having hailed from an influential family, perhaps we should not be surprised by his versatility and range.

Dan Avidan Joined His First Band Via a Craigslist Advertisement

Dan Avidan began his career as a musician. Shortly after moving to Philadelphia, he responded to a Craigslist ad in late 2002. An indie-rock band put up the ad in search of a new member. Avidan eventually joined the band, The Northern Hues, and became its lead singer, as well as its primary songwriter.

In his time with them, The Northern Hues released a self-titled EP and a live track recorded in early 2005. Shortly after the release of the song, the band’s time as a unit ended and they split up. The band members were frustrated with their inability to gain wider recognition, leading to personal and creative differences.

Dan Avidan picked himself up after this disappointment and formed another band with Peter Lennox. The new band, with a focus on alternative-rock, went by the name Skyhill and was based in Brooklyn. Avidan was once again the lead singer and songwriter for the band.

They separated in 2008 after running out of passion. Before Skyhill parted ways, however, they released a full-length titled Run with the Hunted in 2007 and toured New York in 2008. Avidan and Lennox delighted fans when they reunited in 2015 to release a single titled Firefly. The track enjoyed a positive reception from critics and fans hoped for more projects. As of 2020 though, nothing has been released and no project has been announced.

He Blended His Musical Career with Comedy Through NSP

After the disappointment of his split from two previous bands, Dan Avidan was ready to form a new one. This time around, he had a new plan. He sought to add a new dimension to whatever music he would be producing and decided that infusing comic relief was the way to go.

With this new plan, he needed a new band member to make it a reality. He was introduced to keyboardist Brian Wecht, the leader of a comedy troupe, by a mutual friend, Julie Katz. The band officially formed in February 2009 and was named Ninja Sex Party (NSP).

Avidan took on the character of Danny Sexbang, a hypersexual, idiotic, and an exuberant Jewish man who was perpetually hitting on women. Wecht became Ninja Brian, a silent and deadly ninja. The band sought to release rock-oriented songs that had love, fantasy, or sex as their themes.

Dan Avidan
Dan performing with members of Ninja Sex Party: image source

The band appeared at multiple film festivals such as Dragon Con and LACS. Since its inception in 2009, the band has released four original studio albums; NSFW (2011), Strawberries and Cream (2013), Attitude City (2015), and Cool Patrol (2018). They are also set to release a new album called The Prophecy.

The band began a series called Under the Covers in 2016 where they cover songs from the 70s and 80s. It was the first time they started taking a non-comedic approach to their music. They have released three cover albums in this series named Under the Covers (2016), Under the Covers Vol II (2017), and Under the Covers Vol III (2019).

Avidan Found a Way to Merge Music, Comedy, and Video Games

After rising to prominence with his Ninja Sex Party bandmates, Dan Avidan found himself in the world of video games and web series. As it happened, the co-founder of Game Grumps, Jon Jafari, left to focus on his own YouTube channel and it opened a spot for replacement.

So Arin Hanson who also co-founded Game Grumps approached Avidan with the opportunity to take over the position. Dan officially joined the show in mid-2013 as co-host and it marked the beginning of his web series/video game experience. Game Grumps is a YouTube web series that revolves around its hosts playing video games and running comedic commentary whilst they play.

Avidan’s first few appearances on the show resulted in an increasing number of dislikes on Game Grumps videos. Over time, fans of the channel came to love him and he has become a mainstay of the channel. Dan expanded his role when he joined Ross O’Donovan to host Steam Game, a spinoff of Game Grumps. This web series features Avidan and O’Donovan playing PC games as opposed to the console games played on Game Grumps.

In late 2013, Avidan came up with a way to merge music, comedy, and video games into a singular project. The result was the formation of a new band called StarbombThe band specializes in releasing comedy music that parodies music from video games. Members of Starbomb are Avidan, Wecht, and Hanson. Since its formation in 2013, Starbomb has released three studio albums – Starbomb (2013), Player Select (2014), and The Tryforce (2019).

The Musician Received Plaudits for His Performance on Good Game

In 2015, fellow internet personalities Jesse Cox and Michele Morrow began developing a new comedy web series that would air on YouTube premium. The series would center around a newly formed eSports team with players striving to get to the top of the competitive gaming world.

Dan Avidan
Dan in Good Game: image source

Avidan was cast to play the role of the optimistic coach of the team, Alex Taylor. They named the series Good Game, and it premiered on YouTube Red in 2017.

Although the series was canceled after a six-episode season due to low viewership, Avidan’s acting performance was praised for being real, believable, and fun.

Dan Avidan Has Collaborated with Several Brands

Throughout his very diverse career, Dan Avidan has partnered with numerous brands to create a few projects. Here is a quick rundown of some of his most prominent collaborations.

2009: He collaborated with producer William J. Sullivan to produce and sell multiple themes and background tracks for diverse shows. His clientele included Power Rangers RPM and White Collar.

2012: Dan partnered briefly with Mondo Media to host a sketch comedy series called Dirty Shorts. It was not well received though and was canceled after one season.

2015: He collaborated with Steel Panthers to perform at its West Hollywood House of Blues venue. They have since worked on numerous songs together.

2017: He was featured on Night Runner’s track titled Magnum Bullets.

The Entertainer Is a Multimillionaire

A man with multiple talents and involved in as many successful ventures like Dan Avidan is bound to make good money. As o September 2020, Avidan has an estimated net worth of $4.5 million.

His earnings have come from numerous sources. He has released multiple albums that have successfully charted on various Billboard charts, gone on tours, and collaborated with other renowned artists.

Avidan also made money from two video games released in 2017, Dream Daddy and Pinstripe. He is currently working on another named Hex Heroes. As such, it is easy to anticipate that his net worth would continue to soar.

He Comes from a Family of Affluence and Influence

Dan Avidan was born on the 14th of March 1979 in Springfield, New Jersey. He was born to Debra Schwartz and Avigdor Avidan, an Israeli national who served in the Arab-Israeli war of 1973 before immigrating to the US.

His maternal grandfather was Bernard Schwartz, a scientist that contributed to the invention of the body electrode. His creation has been useful in detecting cardiac arrests and other dangerous medical conditions.

Avidan has a younger sister named Dana Avidan Cohn. She is the executive style director of the American media and technology company, PopSugar. Avidan graduated from Jonathan Dayton High School in 1997 and proceeded to Boston University to study advertising.

During his senior year in college, he moved to France on a student exchange program and attended Tufts University Satellite Campus. He studied botany and epidemiology whilst in France.

What We Know About His Love Life

One side of the YouTuber that many do not get to see often is his love life. That changed in January 2019 when he posted a photo of himself and a woman named Ashley, announcing her as his girlfriend. According to him, they have been together for a while before the post, and they remain together to date.

So far, we do not know much about Ashley, other than the fact she is an important part of the entertainer’s life. Despite high interest in who she is and her background, she has managed to stay outside of Dan’s public persona. As for their relationship, it remains strong, and they live together with a dog.

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