Indian Man Transports Dead Wife Over 12 Km On Foot

Dana Majhi is a Indian native from Melghar village in Kalahandi. On the death of his wife, the Odisha man requested for a van but could not get one because he could not afford it.

Dana embraced the only available option since no one could help him get any for free. He wrapped up his wife in a couple of bedsheets, placed her on his shoulders and began the pretty long walk from the hospital.

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“I requested everyone, but no one listened. What option did I have other than carrying her.” -Dana Majhi.

It appears that this is not the only time a similar scenario has been seen in India. India Times reports that,

“Many locals and relatives have carried the bodies of their family members on bikes or trolley rickshaw. More often than not, these villagers are denied the privilege of a vehicle to carry the dead bodies, if they’re out of money.”

According to the bereaved man, his wife had died of tuberculosis on Wednesday. He made an official request to the authorities to help him obtain an ambulance to move his wife’s corpse from the hospital but to no avail.

Dana Majhi

On foot, Dana Majhi set out for his village, Kalahandi’s Thuamul Rampur block which is said to be about 60 km far. Accompanied on this journey was his teenage daughter who could not manage the entire situation.

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As he journeyed to his village, Dana with his wife’s dead body on his shoulders attracted a great stir and buzz. This perhaps got to the authorities and while on his way, they met up with him with the van that he could not afford.

Of all similar occasions, Dana got lucky and was given an extra monetary assistance of Rs 2000 and another Rs 10,000 from the District Red Cross Fund to foot the funeral bill.