Dance Avenue: This 3D Mobile Game Wants To Take African Dance To The World Stage

One of the best ways to spread any concept beyond the point of its conception is to increase its reach by making it accessible via media. Gaming is a worldwide subculture of new media that has continued to increase in popularity with time.

Gaming exerts an influence on popular culture that is helped by the rise of the internet and mobile games. Dancing games are a common subset of mobile games but one that has hardly seen any African representation, a fact that is about to change.

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A mobile games company in Nigeria, Maliyo Games, has announced the latest addition to their portfolio; a 3D single/multiplayer social mobile game for smartphones called Dance Avenue.

Dance Avenue will Take African Dance Around the World

The developers have touted the aim of Dance Avenue to be the sharing of African dances with the rest of the world. Accordingly, the players will listen to the best of African music, then compete and learn various African dance steps.

Dance Avenue

The CEO of Maliyo Games, Hugo Obi, spoke about Dance Avenue in an interview stating;

“Africa is so rich in music, sounds, and dance; so much that musicians and music producers from other parts of the world are using various bits of our music. We see no reason not to have a dance game focused on African music and dance.”

The game is expected to have a great music selection consisting of over 25 African hit songs, more than fifteen unique characters, social sharing options, special dance moves, and multiple backgrounds and play scenes.

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Maliyo games released a teaser for the game which it says will be publicly released in April 2017;

The company which has released over 15 games, since 2013 has piqued a lot of interest with this game which promises to feature one of the best attributes of Africa; our music and dance.