Top 10 Health Benefits Of Dancing You Never Knew

Dancing Health Benefits– Not everyone is born a dancing queen or king but we all have one or two dance moves.

Dancing comes naturally to everyone. Be it at parties, onstage, with loved ones or behind closed doors, dancing comes with a dose of happiness. It is a one-time frown killer either on the part of the dancer or the audience.

You know what they say about the best things in life- ALWAYS FREE! If affording a trainer or gym services is expensive or even convenient for you, you can try and dance your way to the fitness you want.

Dancing is not just fun but good for your physical and mental health. Psychologically, it helps to build self-confidence and improve social skills.

Let’s take a look at some dancing health benefits you should be aware of:

1. Weight Loss/Management

Dancing is one of the funnest and unconscious ways of loosing weight. While you can lose a range of 130 – 250 calories from a regular 30 minute dance class, you can loose from 600 – 1000 calories in a Zumba class.

Whatever dance style it is, dancing helps you to manage your weight. If you find the dance routine difficult, you may have to concentrate on having fun. You must not get it right, just dance, be happy and sweat it.

Dancing is a fitness plan that works for all ages, shapes and sizes.

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2. Improves Coordination

A Korean study revealed that older adults who were taught to the cha-cha dance twice a week for 6 months, improved their memory and cognitive function.

Likewise in 2005, Montreal’s McGill University conducted a research which compared a group that took tango lessons with a group that walked for exercise. It was found that while both groups scored well on cognitive tests, the dancers scored more on multitasking.

One of the dancing health benefits to always know is that it sharpens the mind and improves mental activities. This advantage helps to lower the risks of dementia by over 70%.

3. Boosts Concentration

Dancing Health Benefits

Dancing helps in building one’s focus capacity especially when learning a choreographed dance pattern. It takes concentration to know what move follows after another. The ability to focus can be of benefit at work or school.

4. Heart Health

Dancing can lower risk of heart disease by nearly 50%.

Researchers from Western Sydney University and Sydney University studied more than 48,000 people in Great Britain for a decade to find out how exercise affected their health. The study revealed that there was a 49% reduction in the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease than those who did not dance.

According to the research, the higher intensity the better it was for the health.

5. Reduces Stress

When dancing in a social setting, endorphins are released. Endorphins are the chemical in the brain that reduces stress and pain.

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6. Improves Metabolism

Dancing improves the body’s metabolism; thus the reason why dancing helps in digestion and weight management.

7. Good For The Lungs

Aerobic dancing helps to improve the condition of the lungs. Pulmonary rehabilitation patients use easy dance steps to control shortness of breath.

8. Tones The Muscles

Dancing Health Benefits

Dancing tones the muscles, increases stamina/endurance and muscular strength.

9. Reduced Risk of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis means the thinning of the bones. With dancing, the bone gets stronger and builds more mass.

10. Improves Agility And Flexibility

All physical activities/exercises help to improve agility and flexibility. Dancing improves posture.