Dangote: The Current Owner Of The Largest Crawler Crane In Africa

Africa’s Largest Crawler Crane– Dangote has become the owner of the largest crawler crane in Africa.

He attained the feat by purchasing a crane which weighs about 1250 tons from a Chinese company which deals in heavy machineries.

Dangote is recently in partnership with China’s leading construction company, XCMG Construction Machinery Co Ltd.

The Chinese company made their ongoing business relationship with the billionaire known in a recent interview with Leadership,

“Dangote has bought the largest crawler crane from us, weighing about 1250 tons,”

“Our biggest customer in Africa is Dangote,”

“We presently have about 24 employees in service working with Dangote full time in Nigeria.”

The international firm revealed that their partnership with the continent has come a long way. According to the Assistant President and General Manager, Hanson Liu, about 5000 units of various kinds of products was sold to customers in Africa in 2016.

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Lui said that the company rewards customer’s patronage by prioritizing their satisfaction. He says that at XCMG Construction, both dealers and customer staff are trained.

Going further on, he also used the opportunity to mention their challenges in working Africa.

“In some countries, we cannot easily transfer money due to financial restriction there. Also its not easy to exchange currency. And some countries have security issues which makes us a bit nervous,”

The wealthy business guru had once implied that investing in Nigeria is one of his best business decisions. Latest happenings has shown that Dangote is seriously extending his business empire to more African countries.

Dangote who by Forbes ranking is still the richest man alive in the continent has in the last one year made diverse investmenst in various sectors and nations of Africa.

Concurring to his belief, the Chinese construction firm also attested that the business world is now turning to Africa for the future.

“You know we are always thinking about it because the next era will be Africa. So, we focus a lot on Africa. Africa has huge potential regarding development,”

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Report says that the newly acquired crawler crane will be employing the use of robots which form part of the manufacture process.

Dangote has supported his home country with multiple investments and massive job creation as well. With his latest acquisition, many wonder if the machinery will cut down the percentage of job offers coming from the richest Nigerian.

In strongly capitalist and manufacturing environments, the use of robots are common. The use of robots is of an advantage to the employer. With robots there is no cause to worry over the payment of thousands of workers.

The use of robots reduces expenditure rates but on the other hand, increases unemployment.

Global figures like Bill Gates and Stephen Hawkings have stressed this as a sensitive concern at a time when the population rate and unemployment index increases simultaneously.

As Dangote is applauded for attaining the feat of the owner of Africa’s largest crawler crane in Africa, the puzzle still lingers if this will put a cut on job creation.

The massive crane in question was assembled in Nigeria.