Dangote’s Mansion Has A Dazzling Interior- See For Yourself [Photos]

Pictures of Dangote’s Mansion have been on the internet for sometime now.

When the word “Dangote” forms a compound word with “mansion” be sure you have something exquisite coming your way.

The money bag no doubt is a humble and simple looking personality. Nevertheless his tastes as seen in his interior decor is really something to write home about.

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In 2015, Dangote let the media into his mansion. In an interview with Africa Cradle, the rich man was liberal enough to open the door of his home for a mini-tour.

Dangote’s Mansion, situated in Abuja is said to be worth $30 million. Counting down from 2015, he had lived in the luxurious abode with his family for 12 years.

At the time it was also reported that the billionaire was possibly considering a relocation to the UK where he had a real estate. Thus his mansion was to be sold out.

Perhaps that explains the unusual tour of the private man’s mansion.

During the interview, Dangote confesses that he is an ardent TV lover. He loves quality programmes from entertainment to business. He said one of his bests was Bloomberg TV.

“Television is an invention that permits you to be entertained in your living room by people you wouldn’t have in your home. I love watching television. I watch a lot of business channels, such as Bloomberg TV, which is my favorite and many others…”

Dangote also admits that he is a workaholic who does not spend much time resting in his bedroom.

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“I feel bad to show you where I sleep, you know. But here is where I sleep. My wife and I try the best we can to keep this place as serene and quite as possible. To tell you the truth, I spend less time here than I do in my office and elsewhere where I can work…”

Check out the stunning interior of Dangote’s mansion: