Everything You Should Know About Daniel Ings Acting Career and Family Life

Since time immemorial, English actors have made their mark in Hollywood. We have had accomplished legends such as Patrick Stewart, Roger Moore, and Michael Caine. There have also been trail-blazing contemporaries such as Kate Winslet, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Eddie Redmayne. One other English actor charting his path is Daniel Ings, a Wiltshire-raised thespian.

Ings has appeared in several acclaimed stage productions, movies, and TV series. He is, however, most popular for his role as Luke, a kind-hearted playboy, on the Netflix comedy series Lovesick. It is one of the measurable successes of his ten-plus years’ career and a high point of a fulfilling life that includes two children and a longtime marriage.

Daniel Ings Studied Theatre at Lancaster University

Daniel Ings was born on the 30th of November 1985. There is not much information about his parents’ names or any potential siblings he may have. We do know, however, that he is British, and he is ethnically Caucasian. It must be noted that Ings’ journey into the world of acting was not an accident nor an afterthought. He nursed that aspiration from an early age and tailored his studies to that effect.

Daniel Ings had his secondary school education at Dauntsey’s School Wiltshire. After that, he proceeded to Lancaster University (Lancashire), where he studied theatre and obtained his degree in 2008. Ings, after that, honed his skills at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre, one of the most prestigious drama schools in England. He did not stop at this juncture but also trained at the renowned National Youth Theatre, renowned for producing other stars like Daniel Craig, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Idris Elba, Helen Mirren, and Ed Sheeran.

Daniel Made His On-screen Debut in 2010

To those who have seen his work, it might seem unimaginable that there was a time Daniel Ings was not a man of the camera. But for a long while, specifically, six years, he was. He began working professionally in 2004, but he did not appear in a scripted onscreen work until 2010. He debuted as a nameless doctor in the St Hospitals episode of Peep Show. Ings made several other appearances in the same year, all in short films.

His first work in a major production was in 2011, where he played a minor role as a guard in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. In between his short film appearances and the Disney blockbuster, he had a recurring role as Kelvin in Psychoville. It was Daniel Ings’ first named appearance in a significant onscreen capacity. With the firsts out of the way, Daniel began racking up credits on television. He appeared in Pete Versus Life as Jake, The Cafe as John Streatfield, Little Crackers, and in Mount Pleasant as Robbie.

Daniel Ings
Daniel with Asa Butterfield in Sex Education: image source

The string of appearances has continued to date, with roles in popular titles like The Crown, Eddie the Eagle, Black Mirror, and Sex Education. So far, Daniel Ings has recorded 36 credits in his filmography, with one award recognition as a cast member of The Crown. The lone award nomination came from the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Lovesick Remains His Most Popular Project So far

Netflix is renowned for its array of romantic comedies, be it in show or film format. One of them is Lovesick, a show about the romantic lives of four friends, namely, Luke (the playboy), Dylan (a hopeless romantic man), Evie (a sweet and humble lady), and Angus (Mr uptight).

Daniel Ings portrayed Luke and was on the show throughout its run from October 2014 to January 2018. Lovesick has received many positive reviews and has been described as “one of the best British TV romcoms ever made,” with Ings performance a notable shinning point.

Daniel Ings
Daniel (far right) in Lovesick: image source

While Lovesick might be his most successful project thus far, it is not his only one. He also had a successful stint on the two-season run of the crime drama show, Instinct, where he played Andy, husband to the lead actor, Alan Cumming. The show received mixed critical responses, but his onscreen relationship with Alan received high praise.

In the miniseries, The English Game, another Netflix project, he played Francis Marindin. Compared to Lovesick and Instinct, however, he had a less prominent role. Still, he featured in five of the show’s six episodes. Like others, he did not receive any individual award for his performances. Still, they undoubtedly contributed to the show’s notably positive critical reviews.

He Has Appeared in Several Stage Plays Too

Before he became a stalwart of onscreen work, Daniel Ings honed his skills in the cameraless world of stage plays. Ings commenced his career in 2004, appearing in a production of The Master and Margarita, at The Lyric Theatre London.

Since then, he has appeared in several stage productions such as White Boy (2007), Troy (2008),  and I See Myself as a Bit of an Indiana Jones Figure (2010). Others include Frankenstein (2011), Howl’s Moving Castle (2011), and One Man, Two Guvnors (2012).

In One Man, Two Guvnors, one of his more renowned theatre works, he plays the role of Alan, an actor who contests for the affections of a lady with a gangster. The play itself is a comedy show about a man who is serving two masters at the same time; one is a gangster while the other is an upper-class fellow, unbeknownst to both.

Daniel Ings Has Been in a Serious Relationship for Over a Decade

Contrary to the rumors sparked by the believability of his Andy character in Instinct, Daniel Ings is a straight man. The English actor has been in a relationship that has spanned more than a decade, with a wife whose identity remains unknown.

A combination of his desire to keep his personal life out of public attention and his modestly successful career has ensured details about his private life, are limited to basic facts from anecdotes. One of those facts is that they have been together for more than 12 years.

Daniel Ings
Daniel with his Lovesick costar, Maria Jones. His wife’s identity remains hidden: image source

How much of that 12+ years spent as a married man is also unknown, but it has produced at least two children. Like his wife, the names of Daniel Ings’ children are behind his wall of secrets. But it is nice to know his real life is vastly different from the playboy persona that brought him onto the limelight in Lovesick.

He is a Loving Family Man

As far as we can tell, Daniel Ings’ ultra-private life is not so much an avenue for infidelity. Rather, it is a means to protect his family from the attention of his profession. He is a loving man who gives his all for his family. Some anecdotes that testify to this include his principle when it comes to work – when he is filming for an extended period, he will bring his family with him.

For instance, during the shooting of the second season of Lovesick in Glasgow, his wife and kids joined him in the Scottish city. Ings is also a romantic fellow and often appreciates his wife with meaningful gestures. On her 30th birthday, he booked a hotel room for her while he stayed at home to take care of the kids.

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