Daniel Lissing Married His Wife Nadia In A Private Ceremony – A Reveal of Their Love Story

Daniel Lissing is a famous Australian actor who came to limelight for his leading role as Conrad De Groot in Crownies. He has maintained his popularity with a long-running role as Jack Thornton in the soap opera, When Calls the Heart. Daniel Lissing’s fame has not only put money in his pocket but also drawn massive interest in his personal life, especially his wife, Nadia Lissing.

For years, the actor was the subject of a persistent rumor involving a co-star on When Calls the Heart. His recent wedding to Nadia has left many wondering about the woman who subverted the expectations of millions of fans.

Daniel Lissing and Nadia Met In 2018

Back when every fan of When Calls the Heart had their minds set on DanKow, something momentous was happening in Daniel Lissing’s life – he was falling in love with another woman. In the early parts of 2018, Daniel in faraway Iceland met Nadia in Reykjavik; they met in a bar.

According to her, the actor was mildly intoxicated, but despite her apprehension about his character, his attractiveness made her give him a chance. Like plots in the shows and films Daniel stars in, they shared an instant connection.

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A conversation that started reluctantly quickly became the foundation of a deep emotional connection. In Nadia’s words, he made her feel like they have always known each other. To those who have been lucky to be in love, it is a feeling that is best experienced than explained.

An even more impressive fact about their love story is that Nadia never knew Daniel Lissing was an actor, at least until their fourth date. Thus, eliminating any corrupting effect his fame might have on their love story.

COVID-19 Made Them Postpone Their Wedding

Coronavirus is affecting everything in its path, and famous couples are not exempt. About one year and a half after they met each other in that bar, Daniel Lissing and Nadia got engaged. The actor proposed to his now-wife on her birthday in October 2019, turning the day into a major milestone.

As expected, it was a surprise, and beyond the engagement itself, the ring was exquisite. He bought a massive rock from Tiffany & Co.

Now fiancé and fiancée, the couple set out to plan their wedding. They planned on having it in the summer of 2020, at a location with palm trees, white sand, and the ocean. Along with them on the planning process is Daniel’s sister, Tamara. Another evidence of Nadia’s embrace of the actor’s family and their commitment to starting a life journey together.

However, their plans took a momentary pause due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The 2020 summer wedding got postponed, but the couple got married anyway, in an extremely low-key affair. Based on images obtained by Entertainment Tonight, the couple got married alone in a picturesque California desert, with their photographer and two close friends being the only witnesses.

News of their marriage broke in June 2020, but the couple reportedly got married earlier in the year, when it became apparent the wedding would not hold. The couple has since begun their married life together, with a proper wedding expected sometime in May or June 2021.

The Actor’s Wife Has a Masters’ Degree in Business

Even though she has been the woman on Daniel Lissing’s arms for almost two years now, and is now officially his wife, there is still plenty we don’t know about Nadia Lissing. What we do know is she is a well-educated woman with a Masters’ degree in Business. She met Daniel in Iceland during a trip she undertook to celebrate the completion of her second degree.

Nadia has kept her last name secret, as part of efforts to protect her family’s privacy. But she has fed hungry fans of her husband with a few trivia facts about her. We know Nadia loves horror movies, and she has unusually wide feet. The latter makes it challenging to satisfy her thirst for one of her favorite things – shoes.

We also know that since she became acquainted with Daniel Lissing’s profession, she has become one of his biggest fans. She is also quite a fan of pasta, and would happily eat it every day for every meal.

Finally, as her Instagram page (@jegdiva) reveals, Daniel Lissing’s wife is also a massive fan of traveling. Aside from Iceland where she met the love of her life, she has visited locations like Bali, Sydney, Tokyo, and Las Vegas. At the moment, Nadia and her husband live in Los Angeles, California. And from the look of things, it would be difficult for anything to come between the love they share.

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The Truth About Daniel Lissing and Erin Krakow

Daniel Lissing might be married to Nadia now, but long before her, fans shipped him with someone else – Erin Krakow. Erin, beyond her entire body of work as an actress, is known for playing the school teacher, Elizabeth Thatcher, in When Calls the Heart.

On the show, their respective characters became love interests, and the way they sold it led many fans to presume there was an undercurrent of affection behind the characterizations. From shipping the couple, their onscreen chemistry became a full-fledged romance rumor, with a few outlets claiming the two were an item.

Unfortunately, while it may have pleased a few million fans to see them become a real-life couple, they are just friends. They are such good friends that Daniel has expressed interest in working with Krakow again after he departed the show. According to the actor, he has gone as far as proposing a Christmas movie to Hallmark, for them to take advantage of their onscreen chemistry and popularity.

While Daniel Lissing and Erin Krakow will probably never become a thing, fans can take solace on the conclusion of their onscreen love story. Before Daniel left the show, his character, Jack Thornton, got married to Erin’s Elizabeth Thatcher in a beautifully scripted episode.

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