Riveting Facts About Danielle Lombard And What She Is Best Known For

The American entertainment industry is one that provides many avenues for aspiring hopefuls to express their talents and become famous. From films to television shows and game shows, there is no shortage of ways for men and women who desire fame to pursue and earn it in the United States of America. Another tested medium for gaining instant fame is reality TV shows, and one person who has benefited from it is Danielle Lombard.

Lombard is one of the many women selected to contest on the 21st season of The Bachelor, the reality show which is focused on dating and relationships. The ABC show is one of the most popular and long-running shows in the United States. It is also followed by tens of millions of viewers and as such, even though Danielle Lombard failed to land the top prize, she still gained a spot in the limelight which she has utilized to maximum effect.

Making Her Mark As An Entrepreneur And Model

Danielle Lombard has been quietly enjoying her fame as one of the most beloved Bachelor contestants in recent times. Her entertainment career, which is certainly not all she has going for her, has been a prominent highlight of her life. She was born on the 28th of December 1989 to parents whose identities are unknown but their ethnicity is believed to be Chinese, on her mother’s side, and English, Irish, German and Austrian, on her father’s side of the family. It is also known that the Bachelor alum has a sister.

Danielle was born in San Jose, California, but was raised in the Bay Area, specifically in Danville, California. Before she was consumed by her passion for the entertainment industry, she walked the path of formal education, attending and graduating from high school before attending Diablo Valley College for a Bachelor of Business degree and later, Irvine Valley College for a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Social Behavior.

Post-college, Danielle Lombard became a business owner. Danielle, who had always been ambitious — a quality that made her a formidable contestant on The Bachelor, established a nail salon at the age of 23. The nail salon is known as Hana Nails and she served as the salon’s Business Development Officer.

From Hana Nails, Danielle went on to start an ice cream shop. She also obtained training as a licensed cosmetologist and did hair and makeup for weddings and special events. Additionally, the tireless entrepreneur also went into modeling and became a bikini and lingerie model. She was signed to Roll Models and CHIVE modeling agency and featured in a web-based series that followed the lives of models and dancers in the Bay Area.
It was on the strength of this impressive résumé that Danielle was selected as a contestant for the 21st season of The Bachelor.

Danielle Lombard
Lombard and Viall on The Bachelor: Image Source

Danielle Lombard’s Days on The Bachelor And Bachelor In Paradise 

The 21st season of The Bachelor debuted on ABC in January 2017. As is usual with the theme of the show, it featured a diverse array of beautiful and incredible female contestants trying to win the affections of the designated bachelor, software guru/TV personality – Nick Viall. One of these ladies was Danielle Lombard and she made it to the sixth week of the show. Sadly, she couldn’t hold Viall’s attention past that stage and she was subsequently eliminated following a one-on-one date with him during which country music star, Chris Lane, serenaded them.

Shortly after her elimination from The Bachelor, Danielle Lombard was asked to participate in one of the show’s spinoffs, Bachelor in Paradise, that same year. This series involved a group of men and women trying to find romance and Danielle became entangled with a fellow contestant, podcaster –Dean Unglert. Unfortunately, he was indecisive between her and another female contestant and she wisely decided to walk away. Lombard was therefore not able to find love on any of the two Bachelor shows she participated in, but she did walk away with fame.

The California native is now a known figure in the United States and has been spotted out and about with other celebrities. She has also utilized her platform to enhance her business ventures. Lombard has established the Champagne Nail Lounge located in Hollywood Boulevard as well as a swimwear brand known as SKATIE Swimwear. She has also taken advantage of the opportunities offered by Instagram to become an influencer on that platform. She now has hundreds of thousands of followers there and has been covered by Modeliste Magazine.

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Danielle Lombard
Danielle Lombard and Dean Unglert: Image Source

The Love Triangle Between Danielle, Dean Unglert, And Kristina Schulman

If there is one thing to know about Lombard, it is that she is a big fan of romance. The Bachelor alum is a fervent believer in true love and as such, her favorite movie genre is rom-com. She is a big fan of movies like Love Actually, The Notebook, and A Walk to Remember.

The reality TV star is however finding it difficult in her own love life. Back in 2017, she began a relationship with her fellow Bachelor In Paradise castmate, Dean Unglert, on the set of the show. The podcaster however got entangled with another contestant named Kristina Schulman. The whole affair made Lombard quit the show during the 4th week and she made it clear to Dean that they could only continue the romance in real life if he broke things off with Kristina.

The podcaster wasn’t willing to do so and Lombard took the bull by the horns and ended the relationship once and for all. She has since revealed that she has no ill feelings towards Kristina as the entire thing was Dean’s fault. She has also stated that she was quite disappointed in him as his actions were disrespectful. Lombard has, meanwhile, moved on with her life but is being cautious when it comes to giving her heart out again.

In October 2019, the business owner revealed that she was dating casually but was very much single at that moment. Since then, there has not been any more reports suggesting that her single status has changed. Danielle Lombard is therefore happily living her life with her friends.

She enjoys going on adventures such as hikes, and music festivals. She also has a beloved dog, a Yorkie puppy named Mila, for which she has set an Instagram account titled @michevious_mila.


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