Everything You Need to Know About Danika Yarosh and the Works that Made Her Famous

Danika Yarosh at a time was just a little girl who wished she could be a big movie star on Broadway someday. Those very lofty dreams of hers have come true as she now is one of the millennials making waves in Hollywood. Yarosh has taken part in several movies and TV series, as well as a Tony Award-winning musical. The fast-rising starlet has also shared the screens with some of the biggest names in Hollywood including Tom Cruise. She has come quite a long way, starting from when she was a very little girl and has become one of the darlings of the cinema.

Meet the Family, that  Raised Danika Yarosh

Born on the 1st of October 1998 in Bedminster Township, New Jersey, USA, Danika Yarosh, whose full name is Danika Ann Yarosh, grew up in a family of six. She was born to a father called Victor Yarosh and a mother whose name has been revealed to be Linda Yarosh. Danika’s father is a retired member of the United States Air Force.

Interestingly, the actress also has siblings who are also working in the entertainment industry. She has two brothers named, Erik and Peter, as well as an elder sister named Amanda. Amanda and Peter are both budding actors at the moment. The former has appeared in TV series such as Criminal Minds, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Blue Bloods, and Project Almanac. Peter, on the other hand, has featured in Celebrity Ghost Stories as well as the short film, One Trick Dieter.

Danika Yarosh
Yarosh with her sister, Mani, and their father, Victor: Image Source

It is noteworthy that even though Danika Yarosh is an American woman, she also has European ancestry (Ukrainian, Danish Russian, German, and Swedish).

The Love Between Danika and Performing Arts

Yarosh first fell in love with the performing arts as a young girl. As a four-year-old, she had a small part in the 2004 sci-fi/horror film Stepford Wives, which was shot in her hometown. The experience piqued her interest in acting and she subsequently pleaded with her mom to let her take acting classes. Linda Yarosh agreed and in the course of taking these classes, Danika fell in love with dancing as well. She became quite good at it and took part in several dance competitions, out of which she won a few.

Her dancing expertise helped land her debut acting role which came in the 2009 Broadway production of Billy Elliot. She was just 10 years old at the time. In the play, Danika Yarosh portrayed the role of a ballet dancer named Karen, and her stint in the production lasted for seven months.

At the end of the musical, the young actress initially returned to dancing. She was however forced to take a break after she fractured a growth plate. It was at this point that Yarosh decided to return to her first love which was acting. She begged her mom to move them to L.A. for this purpose and the rest, as they say, is history.

Yarosh’s Hollywood Adventure

After moving to Los Angeles, Danika Yarosh soon started landing small roles in Hollywood productions. In 2010, she played Young Daryl in the TV Series documentary, Celebrity Ghost Stories.

The next year, she appeared in the TV series, 3 Rock before landing the role of Ashlee Simmons in the TV movie, Retribution in 2012. In 2013, she portrayed Jessica in 1600 Penn, an American single-camera sitcom television series. She played this role so well that she won the Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a TV Series – Guest Starring Young Actress 14-16.

In 2013, Danika Yarosh landed her first big role when she was cast to play the recurring role of Olivia in See Dad Run, a TV sitcom. In 2014, she scored another recurring role after being cast to portray Holly Herkimer in Shameless, a comedy-drama series. At this time, she was already gaining recognition as an actress with immense potentials.

In 2015, Yarosh landed the main role of Malina Bennet in Heroes Reborn, a TV miniseries before scoring the role of Samantha Dutton in Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is a 2016 action thriller about an ex-military major who embarks on a run after being framed by some corrupt and highly-placed individuals. The movie featured Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher while Yarosh played the role of Sam, a girl who is possibly his daughter. Yarosh has since disclosed that Cruise took her under his wings during filming; he taught her how to execute stunts and even gave her a big dictionary on filming.

Another notable project involving Danika Yarosh is the 2018 sports drama, The Miracle Season. In the movie, she played the role of Carolin Found, the beloved captain of a high school volleyball team who later dies in a motorcycle accident. Her teammates and best friend initially despair but they later win the state championships in her honor.

Danika Yarosh and Erin Moriarty in The Miracle Season (2018): image source

In 2019, Danika Yarosh was cast in the main role of Brooke Osmond in Greenhouse Academy, a teen drama television series released by Netflix. She also landed the recurring role of Kelem Stewart in The Purge, an anthology horror television series.

How Much Money Has She Made?

There is no doubt that Danika Yarosh is quite a wealthy woman, Having starred in more than 20 movies and TV series since her debut, Yarosh is expected to have been able to rake in quite a sizeable amount of money over the years.

At the moment, Danika Yarosh is reported to have a net worth estimated at $750,000. Her respectable fortune stems from her career earnings over the years.

Danika’s Growing Presence on Social Media

Danika Yarosh like many celebrities understands the power of social media and uses it to communicate and relate with her many fans. On Twitter, she has pulled more than tens of thousands of fans on Facebook and Twitter and even more in hundreds of thousands on Instagram.

The talented actress uses these platforms to engage with her teeming fans and also, let them in on what goes on in her life when she’s not filming.


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