Dara Lind Biography – 5 Cool Facts About Vox’s Senior Reporter

The Ohio-born journalist, Dara Lind is a prominent journalist whose work over the years has focused mainly on the United States justice system and immigration. Currently, she works with Vox, an American News and opinion website owned by Vox media, as a senior reporter that covers immigration and criminal justice. Her dedication, passion and enthusiasm towards immigration policies and justice system have not gone unnoticed as she has been widely recognized, having earned several awards from various organizations including Define America (a non-profit immigration organization) and John Jay College’s Center for Media, Crime and Justice.

Prior to working with Vox, Dara Lind has worked as a program associate in America’s Voice, an organization in Washington D.C that seeks reforms on immigration. The confident journalist went on to become a senior policy associate in the organization before moving to Vox media.

But how much do you know about the Vox’s senior reporter? Just before we go into the cool facts, let’s begin her bio, shall we?

Dara Lind – Biography

Dara Lind was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1988 on the 12th of March. She is the first of two children of her parents, Sherry and Joel. Dara’s father, Joel, used to work in the radio industry before left in order to get a law degree. Her younger brother, Evan, on the other hand, was a member of the team that came first in the 2008 edition of Hamilton County Envirothon as well as reaching the semi-final stage of the National Merit Scholarship. Dara Lind attended Sycamore High School and while in high school, she performed brilliantly on her second time of taking SATs by scoring an amazing 1600 score. She also was a semi-finalist in the Presidential Scholar competition. Soon after her graduation from high school, Dara enrolled into Yale University where she graduated with a degree in Anthropology.

Furthermore, the adept journalist had her internship program at two different organizations, first at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities before heading to the Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City, Missouri. Almost soon after, she relocated to Washington D.C in October 2009 and landed a job at America’s Voice, an advocacy organization working in immigration policy. A few years later, she was employed by Vox media as a staff writer for their newly created online news, Vox, covering immigration and justice system. Dara Lind’s diligence and dedication paid her off as she was promoted to senior immigration reporter in 2017.

5 Cool Facts About Vox’s Senior Reporter

1. Dara Lind Is A Podcast Host

The prominent journalist is a frequent host of the Vox podcast, The Weeds. It is a twice-weekly roundtable podcast, which is being hosted by Ezra Klein, Jane Coaston, Matthew Yglesias, Sarah Kliff, and Dara Lind. The podcast concentrates on United States national news with a focus on the fine details of public policy.

2. Dara’s Relationship With Jonathan Blanks

Dara Lind
Dara Lind with Jonathan Blanks

Dara Lind kicked off a romantic relationship with Jonathan Blanks in 2008 after they met on Google Chat. Jonathan Blanks is a research associate for Cato’s Project on Criminal Justice. His research, like that of Dara, is centred on law enforcement practices, civil liberties, and overcriminalization. He has been featured on numerous radio, television and internet media platforms such as Bloomberg Law Radio, HuffPost Live, and Voice of America. Blanks’ work has also been published in Washington Post. The love birds are still together till date.

3. She Is An Animal Lover

Dara Lind is an animal lover who lives with her pet cat named ReRe. She also lives with her boyfriend Jonathan Blanks in Washington D.C.

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4. Her Participation In Jeopardy College Championships

Dara participated in Jeopardy College Championships during her junior year in college and lost in the quarterfinals as a result of the wrong answer she provided during the college championship. She stated that John Quincy Adams was the youngest US ex-president to have left the office at the age of 50 instead of providing the right answer, which is Teddy Roosevelt.

5. Dara Lind’s Passion For Immigration Reforms And Justice System

The skilful reporter’s passion for immigration reforms and the justice system was ignited after watching court proceedings in Minnesota when she was writing her senior thesis on immigration court. She saw about a dozen people get deportation orders in two hours on her first day of observation. According to Dara, she has felt more inclined to reform immigration policies since then.


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