These Facts Will Tell You All About Darrell Sheets’ Recent Pursuits, Net Worth and Wife

The exciting and fascinating world of reality TV has turned lots of ordinary folks into famous stars. One of the people benefiting from this is Darrell Sheets, an American storage auction veteran and one of the stars of the popular reality TV series, Storage Wars.

The TV series follows an eclectic group of professional buyers as they bid to snap up abandoned storage lockers in public auctions. These modern-day treasure hunters do so in the hopes of finding buried treasure, which they resell at a profit. Storage Wars debuted in 2010, and Sheets has been instrumental in the show’s success.

Darrell Sheets Auctioneering Career Led Him to Storage Wars

In California, the law says once a person defaults on rent on his storage locker for three months, the owner of the storage facility can auction the locker for a cash fee.

Prospective buyers are not allowed to enter the locker or touch the items. They get five minutes to inspect the contents from the doorway. The buyers thus proceed on blind faith that they will unearth valuable items that will cover not only their spending but also yield profit.

Since joining this business, Darrell Sheets has unearthed several treasures, including four paintings by famed artist Picasso. The San Diego native also got his hands on a letter written by America’s first president, Abraham Lincoln. Sheets runs a small but efficient operation based on low volume, no overhead, and high value. He sells his finds online and at flea markets and avoids collecting items.

Having developed a healthy reputation in the business, he attracted the reality TV show producers, Storage Wars. The show revolves around a cast of professional storage auction hunters as they battle each other for valuable lockers. The show debuted in 2010 and featured a colorful cast of characters who share a unique chemistry.

He Had One of the Most Successful Runs on the Show

Darrell Sheets was one of the original main cast members of the show, and he remained one until 2019. He was one of the talented bidders on the show, often willing to bet big in hopes of winning big. It is an approach that earned him the nickname, The Gambler. Although it was not always successful, it ensured Darrell had his name on some of the biggest feats ever recorded on the show.

Darrell Sheets
Darrell (left) on Storage Wars: image source

In season three of the show, he purchased a locker for $3,600, which had original art pieces by famous Mexican artist/illustrator Frank Gutiérrez. The works were later valued at a cool $300,000. Sheets holds the record for the largest profit in the history of Storage Wars.

Darrell has been successful enough that he has brought his son, Brandon, into the business. Together with his son, nicknamed The Sidebet, they were mainstays on the show, although he left the series at the end of the ninth season. Darrell has since followed, to the disappointment of fans.

A Health Scare Forced Darrell Sheets Into a Quiet Life in Arizona

In March 2019, Darrell suffered a ‘mild heart attack’ and subsequent complications from a lung infection. Although he visibly had a few extra pounds during his years on the show, he had engaged in a drastic weight loss and shed over 100 pounds.

The reality TV star was previously overweight due to an unhealthy lifestyle and diet. The massive body weight resulted in several unpalatable side-effects, including joint pain, body pain, and fatigue. When Sheets could not take it anymore, he decided to turn his life around.

The Storage Wars star embarked on a popular weight loss program known as Nutrisystem, a portion-controlled eating plan with pre-packaged foods delivered to one’s home. The meals emphasize lean proteins and carbohydrates, as well as whole grains and vegetables. Considering he had a lot of success with the program, the unexpected heart attack came as a shock to fans.

Explaining the mystery on Instagram, he said he had been sick for the three months leading up to the attack. Doctors discovered he had congestive heart failure along with a lung infection. He also alluded to his exit from the show to focus on his health.

Following his release from the hospital, Sheets relocated to Lake Havasu City in Arizona to complete retirement as a businessman and reality TV star. Since he retired, he has kept up with fans on his social media pages. He shares insights into his quiet and mellow daily life afforded to him by the wealth gained from his years in the business.

The Storage Auctioneering Business and the Show Earned Sheets a $4.5 Million Net Worth

Having begun storage hunting in his 30s, Darrell Sheets has accumulated enough income through profitable auctions to amass a $4.5 million net worth. He built his significant wealth by keeping his business operation small, limiting his overhead to the barest minimum.

According to online reports about his business, when he ran it, Darrell Sheets never had an office or staff. He sold all his discoveries online and refused to collect any for himself, saving him cost on storage space. With substantial profit margins over his 30+ year career and salary earned from starring on the show, it is no wonder The Gambler is a multimillionaire.

With a lot of cash and time to spare, Darrell now spends his time living lakeside and restoring classic cars for fun, while posting highlights on social media.

He Met His Second Partner in the Middle of a Car Drive

Darrell Sheets has had an interesting, albeit private, love life. The reality TV star was previously married to an unknown woman. Their marriage produced two children, including his son, Brandon, who appeared alongside him on Storage Wars. He met his second partner, Kimberly Wuerfel, on the open road during a drive on the 55 and 91 interchanges in California.

Darrell Sheets
Darrell and his then-fiance, Kimberly Wuerful: image source

They exchanged glances through their car windows and Darrell, intrigued, decided to follow her car for a few miles. When their vehicles aligned, he pressed a piece of paper with his phone number against his car window. She gave him a call and the two went on a date and started a relationship.

To make things work, Darrell had to move from his home in San Diego to Huntington Beach and they got engaged in 2012. He went as far as adopting her kids from a previous relationship. However, they did not make it to the altar before parting in 2016.

The Gambler Is In A Long-term Relationship With Romney Snyder

Sheets is now in a relationship with the beautiful Romney Snyder. We are unsure how the affair came to be, but he announced the new relationship during an episode of Storage Wars in December 2016. Romney is a horse rescue worker who works for HiCaliber Horse Rescue, a nonprofit outfit that saves horses from slaughter auctions.

They reportedly began their relationship a few years before announcing it in 2016 when he also shared that they had gotten engaged. Although they have not disclosed getting married, they remain a couple to date, and Romney was by his side when he had a heart attack.

Darrell Sheets and Romney Snyder do not have known children together, but they have blended their respective families. His son, Brandon, who left Storage Wars in 2016, has become a licensed real estate agent. Through him, the former reality TV star has a granddaughter, Zoie Sheets.

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