The Wealth of Dave Grohl’s Music Career, His Filmography and Why He Divorced His First Wife

The multi-talented vocalist, Dave Grohl, is known as the founder and lead singer of the heavy metal rock band, Foo Fighters. Before the inception of the band, Grohl was famous for being the sensational drummer of the former rock band, Nirvana. Following the outstanding performances of Foo Fighters, the group has clinched several awards, having landed the Grammy Award for Best Rock Album with four of their albums.

The skillful drummer and his former Nirvana bandmates, Kurt Cobain and Kris Novoselic, have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a result of their impressive body of works and performances. Aside from music, did you also know Dave is equally an actor? Let’s tell you more below.

How Dave Grohl’s Childhood Prepared Him for His Musical Adventure

The founder of the Foo Fighters was born as David Eric Grohl to James Harper and Virginia Jean Grohl in Warren, Ohio, the United States. His birth date is given as the 14th of January 1969. Dave’s father worked as a newswriter while his mother was an instructor. When he was 7 years old, his parents got separated, and as a result of this, Grohl was majorly raised by his mother.

Having a keen interest in music, the famous singer started attending lessons on how to play the guitar at the age of 12. He subsequently quit the lesson and started teaching himself. In a quest to complete his basic education, Dave Grohl attended three different high schools, namely Thomas Jefferson High School, Bishop Ireton High School, and Annandale High School.

During that time, Grohl performed with multiple local bands, including Freak Baby, and eventually, he quit high school to kick-start his career as a drummer with a D.C rock band, Scream, at the age of 17. He stayed with the band for four years and went to multiple music concerts with them before joining Nirvana in 1990.

His Time as a Member of Nirvana

Grohl, alongside his Nirvana bandmates, successfully recorded several songs and albums, with the brilliant drummer contributing more to the band’s songwriting. They went on to release ‘Nevermind,‘ ‘Heart-shaped box,‘ ‘Big Me,‘ and ‘You Know You’re Right,‘ among others. Later, on April 10th, 2010, the rock band gained more public recognition as they were inaugurated into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, 20 years after the demise of one of their lead members, Kurt Cobain.

Following the death of Cobain, the remaining group members went their separate ways, and this led the brilliant songwriter to form his band, Foo Fighters, where he displays his exceptional skills and talent in songwriting as he is most often the brain behind the Foo Fighter’s lyrics.

Attaining Superstardom With The Foo Fighters 

The famous rock band has gone ahead to release at least nine albums, which include ‘The Color and the Shape,‘ ‘One by One,‘ ‘Wasting Light,‘ and ‘Concrete and Gold.‘ However, the Foo Fighters were ushered into stardom through the release of their seventh album, Wasting Light, which is their first album to have hit the top spot by becoming No.1 in America. Similarly, the group’s ninth album, ‘Concrete and Gold‘ also reached another landmark by gaining the No.1 spot on the Billboard 200.

Furthermore, David Grohl has performed with other bands such as Queens of the Stone. He also performed with the legendary musician, Paul McCartney, during the 51st edition of the Grammy Awards. Interestingly, the multi-talented musician made history in the music industry by having his songs on the Billboard Modern Rock chart for 17 consecutive weeks as a member of three different groups.

Awards and Financial Rewards of His Illustrious Career

With the Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl has won numerous awards, including 12 Grammys out of 29 nominations. Other gongs he has bagged with the band include Brits Awards, American Music Awards, Kerrang! Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, and NME Awards. In addition to that, the band has received no fewer than 103 awards from various bodies.

Personally, Dave has been honored on several occasions for his contributions to the entertainment industry. For instance, his hometown, Warren, Ohio, unveiled gigantic drumsticks that broke Guinness World Record to honor him in 2012. Also, a roadway in downtown Warren has been named after him; it is called David Grohl Alley.

Rated among the wealthiest drummer in the world, Dave Grohl has amassed an enormous wealth with all his endeavors as a top musician. His financial value is estimated to be a jaw-dropping sum of $320 million. He has headlined several sold-out shows and sold over 12 million albums in the U.S only with the Foo Fighter as of 2015, and it is hardly a surprise that he is worth that much. The musician has been active since 1981 and has built multiple sources of income over the years.

Exploits In The Movie Industry Contributed to His $320 Million Net Worth 

Beyond being a multi-instrumentalist and a singer-songwriter, Dave is also a movie director and has been bagging impressive income from it in recent years. He directed and produced Sound City, the 2013 documentary film about the history of Sound City Studio in Van Nuys, Los Angeles; it was his directorial debut.

Before and after Sound City, Dave appeared in a handful of films and television shows. He featured with his ex-wife, Jennifer Youngblood, in an episode of X-files. He has also been seen on Muppets, Salad Days, Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, Sesame Street, and much more.

Dave Grohl’s Marriage to Jennifer Youngblood Lasted for 3 Years

Dave Grohl and Jennifer Youngblood (Image Source)

The famous guitarist was previously married to Jennifer Youngblood for three years before exchanging marital vows with Jordy Blum, who works as a Television producer, on 2nd August 2003. As the story goes, he met Jennifer in 1992, and that year marked the beginning of their love story. In 1994, roughly after two years of their meeting, when Dave was touring with Nirvana, they got married.

A few years later, it emerged that the two had resolved to part ways; they eventually finalized their divorce in 1997, but people haven’t stopped wondering why they fell apart. Anyways, Dave has offered that they were only not ready for marriage when they got married.

Meet His Second Wife Jordyn Blum and Their Kids

If Grohl will ever tell his How-I-Met-Your-Mother story to his kids, it would be an interesting one. It all started when he decided to relocate to Los Angeles in 2000 following the tension between him and William Goldsmith, a former member of Foo Fighters.

In the city of angels, Taylor Hawkins called on him to be her date to an event at the Sunset Marquis Hotel. There, Taylor introduced Dave to her friends, and one of them had Jordyn Blum as his date. Attracted to Blum, the musician flirted with her, and ultimately, Blum handed him a paper with her number and an inscription that read: “Jordyn, your future ex-wife.” This happened in 2001, and they started dating that year.

Dave Grohl
Dave Grohl and Jordy Blum with their first two kids – Violet and Willow

About two years later, precisely on the 2nd of August 2003, they got married. The couple has three daughters now. The first, Violet Maye, was born on the 15th of April 2006. Three years later, Jordy gave birth to Harper Willow, and they welcomed Ophelia Saint in August 2014.

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