David Dobrik Married Liza Koshy for One Month – Inside His Family and Relationships

David Dobrik is a YouTube sensation who has garnered fame not just for his vlogs but his love life too. Given his career as a YouTuber, his channel is one place where he shares his romantic escapades. With a cute boyish look like his, this Slovakian young man is definitely a good catch, and not only is he romantic, he is also a rib cracker, a very generous man with a staggering net worth. This makes it quite hard to keep the ladies off.

However, irrespective of all the charisma that the popular vlogger exhibits, he is strictly a one-woman’s man. This is a standard David has maintained throughout his dating history. Many times though, his dalliances are quite short-lived but his romance with fellow YouTuber, Liza Kosy was different as the pair were together for 2 years.

David Dobrik & Liza Koshy Had A Magical Romance

David Dobrik and Liza Koshy were brought together by their career pursuits. The former social media power couple was very popular on the Vine platform. Both of them had Gabbie Hanna- the host of The Gabbie Show as a mutual friend. Hanna would be the one to connect Dobrik and Koshy during a hangout.

Although many believe they started their relationship sometime in 2015, the couple gave an official acknowledgment of their dalliance on February 15th, 2016. Liza took to her Instagram page to share a photo of her with David lying in bed with calendars surrounding them. It was also noticed that November 28th was circled with red ink on the calendars which are believed to be the date they started dating. The internet sensation also captioned the picture, “Only we would spend a pun of money on calendars to take a pic just to tell you that yes… we are dating.”

They also went on to confirm the speculations about the date on the calendars when they celebrated their 1 year anniversary on November 28th, 2016. Both YouTubers took to their respective social media pages to post cute photos of their early days together. David posted a pic they took 4 days after they became friends while Liza uploaded a photo she took with David 5 days after meeting him. More so, the pair penned heartfelt words on their walls to accompany the pictures. David pointed the fact that they looked ”….happily married for over 50 years…’ in the snapshot. Liza also expressed her undying love for David saying she was ‘…Excited for more anniversaries and more Chessy captions!…’

David has also revealed that his first kiss with Liza was magical and to preserve the memory, Liza took a pebble from the rooftop of the place where the magical kiss happened. David later took it and pretended to have lost it just for him to make a ring with it which he later gave to her on Valentine’s day. She was overwhelmed by his thoughtful gesture and to date, the YouTuber considers the ring his sweetest gift to Liza. More so, the pair made several videos together back then that still ranks as David’s funniest moves in the course of his YouTube career.

The Reason David Split From Liza Koshy

The YouTube star made headlines with an emotional video in June 2018 which he titled “We Broke Up,” detailing the end of his relationship with fellow YouTuber Liza Koshy. The video has racked up to 66 million views as of July 2020.

According to the ex-couple, they had to break up, not because any of them did something wrong to the other but because the pressure of their YouTube careers had made then distant from each other. In the video which lasted for six minutes, David revealed that their relationship became unhealthy for both of them and they had to call it quits for a while. He added that he had been feeling the distance but did not have the boldness to call off the relationship so finally, Liza pulled the trigger.

Announcing their separation in the video, they revealed that they had parted ways six months ago but according to Liza, they were not ready to share the news with fans. They were initially very angry at the fact that they became distanced in the first place. The duo, however, made it clear that they are still best friends and their break-up is amicable.

The YouTuber Got Hitched After His Separation From Liza

For a YouTube sensation like David Dobrik, there is hardly anything that he would do that would be over the top. However, his move to marry Lorraine Nash – the 75-year-old mom of his friend and fellow vlogger, Jason Nash raised a lot of questions about his love life. The marriage which took place in May 2019 was actually pulled off by David as a sort of revenge on his friend Jason Nash who made a joke in a video that David can’t have an ex-wife. Upon making this statement, the determined YouTuber went down to Boston where Jason’s mom lived and asked her to marry him and the pair got married in Las Vegas immediately. A month later, the union was annulled and from what was gathered, they parted ways peacefully.

On the heels of this erratic move, news of a budding relationship with his assistant, Natalie who also happens to be his childhood friend started to circulate. David even went on to reveal in November 2019 that he used to crush on Natalie and during his freshman year in school she asked him for a dance.

However, he went on to clear the air that they are just good friends. He admitted that he lavishes expensive gifts on her and shares photos of themselves online but that their relationship remains platonic. In December 2019, David told Clevver News that “Nobody in my friend group is actually dating my assistant Natalie…” He also went on to add that if he was dating Natalie he would be public about it. As of this writing, David Dobrik is yet to reveal if his relationship status has changed.

What We Know About David Dobrik’s Family Members

David Dobrik who was born on July 23rd, 1996, in Kosice, Slovakia was raised in Chicago, Illinois. He relocated with his family to the United States when he was about 6 years old. His parents are very private persons so not much is known about them but it is known that David has 3 siblings, Sara, Toby, and Ester.

David Dobrik
David Dobrik with his siblings Image Source

At the early stage of his career, the YouTuber revealed that his parents did not understand how he was going to make a living making videos. However, they have come to accept what he does as long he can take care of himself from it. David’s siblings were restricted by his parents from appearing in his videos as they frown at the fact that he uses lots of curse words in it.

David’s only relative interested in his career path is his sister, Ester who ran a Musical.ly account before transiting to TikTok. In 2018 the YouTube star surprised his dad by buying him his dream car, a BMW M2.

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