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David Jon Gilmour is a singer, guitarist, and songwriter of English descent. Gilmour made his name as the guitarist in one of the most famous rock bands of all time, Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd has sold over 250 million records, giving it pride of place as one of the biggest bands in the history of music.

At the forefront of Pink Floyd’s success was David Gilmour, who played the dual function of a vocalist and guitarist for the rock band. Despite the fact that age is no longer on the musician’s side, his work still makes a palpable impact and is still well celebrated in the present generation and from what is obvious, the music icon will still be celebrated by generations unborn when his tracks will be regarded as music of “yesteryears that deserve another listening.”

David Gilmour Was Raised By Parents Who Were Academics

One of the interesting facts about modern life is how a child could be born to parents in a particular profession, then go on to make a name with a global impact in a completely different profession. It is a progressive departure from the old world that emphasized on following your parents’ footsteps. The story is the same for David Gilmour whose parents were, for the most part, academics. His father, Douglas Gilmour was a lecturer at the University of Cambridge while his mother, Sylvia Gilmour trained as a teacher and eventually worked for BBC as a film editor.

He was born on the 6th of March 1946 in Cambridgeshire, but after living in various locations during a ten-year period, his parents eventually settled at Grantchester Meadows where he was raised. Though he never enjoyed school, David attended Perse School on Hills Road, Cambridge before proceeding to Cambridgeshire College of Arts and Technology to study A-Level modern languages; Gilmour dropped out before graduation. It was during his student days that he met would-be Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters and guitarist Syd Barrett.

His Early Music Years Before Joining Pink Floyd Were Not Without Challenges

Gilmour joined his first band Joker’s Wild in 1962. His passion for music and his desire to become a musician drove him on a journey around Europe where he and his friends, including Syd Barrett, performed in various small venues around Europe, unfortunately, the band was mostly unsuccessful and these many failures culminated in Gilmour being treated in a hospital for malnutrition.

Sometimes in those years, Gilmour could not afford to pay for his transport fares and as a result, would have to trek long distances. In a bid to make ends meet, David Gilmour took several menial jobs. Still in an attempt to further his music career, Gilmour collaborated with former Jokers Wild members Willie Wilson and Rick Wills to perform under the name Flowers, and then Bullitt but none of the bands seemed to gain much traction. On one occasion, the band’s instruments were stolen in France; he’d have to return to London for new equipment.

He Became A Member Of Pink Floyd in 1968

And then came 1968 when Gilmour joined Pink Floyd, the band that would go on to release commercially successful albums, including The Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here. He was with Pink Floyd for 46 years until the band’s final break up in 2014. Gilmour assumed the lead role of the band in 1985. Pink Floyd released a total of 15 studio albums and 3 Live Albums.

His first album as the leader of the rock band was A Momentary Lapse of Reason which hit the music stands in 1987. The next album The Division Bell followed in 1994 amidst many other successful releases by the group under the vocalist’s leadership. After 46 long years, Pink Floyd dropped what David Gilmour tagged their last album The Endless River, following which he said that Pink Floyd’s reunion would be impossible. 

David Gilmour Released Four Studio Albums and Two Live Albums As A Solo Artist

Beginning in 1978, David Gilmour began releasing records as a solo artist. His debut self-titled studio album, David Gilmour peaked at #29 on the US Top 40. His second solo album About Face dropped in1 984 peaking at No. 32, On an Island followed on the 6th of March 2006 at #6 position, and Rattle That Lock hit the stand in 2015 at number 45.

His two live albums were also successful, Live in Gdansk released in 2008 peaked at #26 while Live at Pompeii peaked at #45 in 2017. Apart from singing and playing the guitar, David Gilmour has filled other roles like sideman, producer, and sound engineer. David has equally collaborated with other great artists and music groups. His most recent production includes appearing in a series of livestreams alongside his family from April 2020; he dropped the single Yes, I Have Ghosts on the 3rd of July for which his wife assisted.

The Influences That Inspired Gilmour To Create His Unique Sounds

David Gilmour gives credit to great guitarists like Lead Belly, Pete Seeger, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Joni Mitchell, Jimi Hendrix, Roy Buchanan, John Fahey, and Hank Marvin of the Shadows. According to the great guitarist, he copied their styles and regards them as influences.

His lead guitar style is characterized by blues-influenced phrasing, expressive note bends, as well as sustain. In 2006, Gilmour said that his fingers make a distinctive sound that is instantly recognizable. Phil Taylor who works as Pink Floyd technician seconded that it really is just the guitarist’s fingers, his choice of notes, his vibrato, and how he sets his effects. In reality, no matter how effective one may be at duplicating the equipment, no one will ever be able to duplicate Gilmour’s personality. Gilmour equally has proficiency in playing the keyboard, bass, mandolin, lap steel, drums, harmonica, and saxophone.

The Guitarist Is A Recipient of a Good Number Of Awards and Honours

His career has seen him achieve several milestones, including becoming a Commander of the Order of the British Empire, which was awarded to him in 2003; the award that was presented to the iconic musician on the 7th of November at Buckingham Palace was in acknowledgment of his service to music.

Five years down the line on the 22nd of May 2008, David Gilmour became the winner of the 2008 Ivor Novello Lifetime Contribution Award in recognition of his excellence in music writing. Before the year ran out, the singer was recognized by the Q Awards for his outstanding contribution to music. Anglia Ruskin University conferred an honorary doctorate on him on the 11th of November 2009.

Music Has Made Him Incredibly Wealthy

David Gilmour’s long-running career and incredulous success as a musician has helped him build a solid and enormous net worth of $180 million per Celebrity Net Worth. David owes his wealth to several successful tours and commercially successful albums. His former band, Pink Floyd is part of an exclusive music group of musicians who have sold over 250 million copies of their music and when this is added to his solo effort, it ranks Gilmour among the crème de la crème of the music industry.

The legendary musician is an experienced pilot as well as an aviation enthusiast. Gilmour amassed a collection of historical aircraft through his company Intrepid Aviation; he later sold off the aircraft alongside the company. The legendary guitarist seems to have no financial worries as he once rejected an offer to tour the US for £150 million

David Gilmour Has Been Married Twice

David Gilmor
David Gilmour and Polly Samson image source

David Gilmour first got married to Virginia Hasenbein, an American model who also functions as an artist. The duo said their marriage vows on the 7th of July 1975. However, their union lasted for only 15 years before it hit the rocks in 1990, but the couple already had four children during their time together.

After the end of his first marriage, Gilmour waited for four years before deciding to give marriage another fo. He exchanged marriage vows with journalist and lyricist Polly Samson in 1994; Polly has written lyrics for her husband for 20 years. He also has four children with his second wife.

His Children Are Eight in Number

David Gilmour
David Gilmour Family image source

The legendary musician has eight children in all, four from each of his wives. His children from Virginia Hasenbein include Alice who was born in 1976, Clare joined the family three years later in 1979, Sara followed in 1983, with Matthew coming last in 1986.

The children from his second wife Polly Samson were not all his biological children; he first adopted Charlie who was born to Samson and Heathcote Williams in 1989. His first biological child with the journalist Joe came in 1995, Gabriel followed a couple of years later in 1997 and Romany completed the Gilmour dynasty in 2002. Gabriel made his recording debut on the 2015 album Rattle That Lock playing the piano.

David Gilmour Is A Tall Guy At Six Feet

At six feet tall, the celebrated guitarist cum vocalist is endowed in the height department. David Gilmour’s great height is balanced on a body weight of 78.5 kg. His eyes are naturally brown in color.

It is common among young and vibrant musicians to distinguish themselves with some unique physical makeup and the same can be said for Gilmour. During his youthful days in the industry, David sported long dark brown hair that reached down to his shoulders. His heydays now behind him, Gilmour seems ok with his grey short balding hair.

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