Who Did David Guetta Move On to After Divorcing His Wife and What Are His Career Achievements?

The internationally renowned DJ was just a teenager when he met Cathy Guetta. As the world came to learn more and marvel in his stardom, we also learned more about their longtime love. For fans of David Guetta, it seemed like the two of them would always be an item, that is, until he announced their separation and divorce in 2014.

She was a critical part of his career and evolution from a local DJ to becoming one of the world’s global superstars. A status achieved through several chart-topping songs, millions of sold records, and redefining what it means to be a DJ in the 21st century.

David Met His Ex-Wife, Cathy Guetta, in a Club

Based on their respective status in the public spotlight, it does not particularly come as a surprise that their two decades-long love affair began in a club. Cathy Lobe, who was born in Senegal thanks to her father’s military life, grew up in Toulouse before moving to St. Tropez shortly after she became an adult.

While there, she waitressed at a small piano bar and spent her evenings partying at night clubs. Eventually, one of these routines led to a meeting with a group of boys, among which was David Guetta, a yet to be discovered teenage DJ. Cathy introduced herself to him, sparking a conversation that would turn both their lives around.

David Guetta
David and Cathy: image source

At the time, David Guetta, who was studying at a Parisian University, visited the French town for the summer. Things developed fast between them, and when summer was over, they moved by to Paris together. David quit his studies, and the two of them set out to start their club night venture.

They Got Married in 1992 After Five Years of Dating

Together, David and Cathy grew as party organizers. While David worked on the music side, Cathy organized the ambience and branding. They quickly became renowned for throwing the best parties in Paris, and David Guetta’s DJ career grew. After a couple of years, they moved to Ibiza, where their event, F**k Me I’m Famous by Cathy and David Guetta, became one of the island’s most sought out parties.

As David expanded his music presence to production and rose as one of the world’s most popular DJs, they started their family. They got married in 1992 and gave birth to their first child, Tim Elvis Eric, on February 9, 2004. Their second, a daughter, Angie Guetta, was born on September 23, 2007. Despite the demands of their professions, they made it work as a couple and family for 20 years.

After 20 years of being married and 25 years of being together, David wanted out of the marriage. According to Cathy, he wanted a divorce because he wanted to change his life. After two years of separation, they completed an amicable divorce in Paris in March 2014.

David Guetta Has Been Dating Jessica Ledon Since 2015

David Guetta
image source

If David Guetta ended his longtime marriage to the night club manager to fool around, we could not possibly say. However, by 2015, he was seemingly back in a committed relationship with Jessica Ledon. The two of them reportedly began their relationship after completing his divorce. We are not sure how exactly they met, but they had been friends for two and a half years before the start of their romantic relationship.

By November 2018, rumors of a possible engagement between the two began to swirl. As of 2020, there has been zero confirmation from either party.

Jessica is a Cuba-born Actress

Having been born in 1992, David Guetta, born in 1967, has a massive 27 years age difference with Jessica. She was born in Havana, Cuba, and grew up in Miami before relocating to Los Angeles, California. Jessica relocated to the American entertainment capital after completing her bachelor’s degree in business. After moving to Los Angeles, she studied at the Stella Adler Conservatory program in Los Angeles. However, the study has yet to yield fruit onscreen.

Her credits thus far are a six-episode appearance in the reality TV series, Model Latina, and a lead role in the short film, Adonai. She has, however, done a few works on stage. Jessica Ledon, via her time at the Stella Adler Conservatory, has performed in plays like A Month in the Country, and several others written by playwrights like Anton Chekhov and Tennessee Williams.

When she is not on stage, her Instagram profile reveals she is often on the road with David Guetta, living the life that comes with being the girlfriend (or fiancée) of a famous international DJ.

David Guetta’s Career Has Been a Significant Success

The partnership with Cathy Guetta, nee Lobe, became not only a foundation for their two-decades-long marriage but also a phenomenal career for David Guetta. After they began hosting club nights, other club managers sought out his talents, and he quickly became a leading DJ in the European night scene.

With some pep in his step and a robust support system, he veered into music production. His first major hit was the song titled Just a Little More Love, released in the same year he created his production house, Gum Productions, in 2001. Guetta continued to put out songs, including his debut album, Just a Little More Love. They became hits in his home country, even if they encountered only modest success in other corners of the world.

When he released his third album, Pop Life, in 2007, it received better results gaining him some needed acclaim in the United Kingdom. It was, however, until 2009 before he achieved global and international acclaim with the release of the lead single on his fourth album, One Love. On the lead single, When Love Takes Over, he featured Kelly Rowland on vocals.

With Kelly Rowland’s golden vocals on When Love Takes Over, David Guetta finally gained a deserved spot atop the global charts. He peaked at number one on the music charts of numerous countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States. Other songs on the album also maintained high positions on the global charts. One Love became the album that earned him his first Grammy nomination.

Other Career Achievements and Accolades

One Love broke the dam for David Guetta’s inevitable rise to the top. Since the album, he has released three additional albums, working with many of the music industry’s most popular and accomplished talents. Some of which have been Rihanna, The Black-Eyed Peas, Sia, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Hudson, Jess Glynne, and Zara Larsson, among many more others.

For his work with The Black-Eyed Peas on the song, I Gotta Feeling, it set the record for the most downloaded track of all time in the United States with 7.5 million downloads. Overall, his discography, which includes seven albums, three EPs, and 84 singles, has sold more than 30 million records worldwide. They have also earned him multiple nominations, such as 16 Billboard Music Awards and over 22 DJ Awards nominations.

He also has eight Grammy nominations to his name and has been named among the top five DJs in the world consistently since 2009 by DJ Magazine. His other awards include multiple nominations from International Dance Music Awards, iHeart Music Awards, and MTV Europe Music Awards. David was also the music ambassador for UEFA in 2016. He wrote the official song for the 2016 tournament, This One’s for You, featuring Zara Larsson on the vocals.

His Career Has Earned Him $75 Million in Net Worth

With a career full of several chart-topping albums and songs, international shows and award accolades spanning more than three decades has undoubtedly earned David Guetta a lot of money. For those who are privy to his finances, it has fetched him an estimated net worth of $75 million.

David Guetta
David has made a ton of money performing in sold-out venues: image source

The bulk of his income has come from multiple sold-out shows and being one of the most expensive DJs in the world. As of 2018, it cost at least $250,000 to book David for a show. In 2015, that figure, combined with other sources, earned him an annual income of $37 million, according to Forbes. And having featured consistently among the highest-earning DJs in the world ever since, it is no surprise that the Paris-born DJ has a $75 million wealth chest.

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