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While it may not seem so on camera, New York-based journalist, David Gura, is a down-to-earth, hardworking and diligent fellow with an incredible track record of on-air time under his belt. The Texas-born anchor and News reporter for MSNC and NBC rose to celebrity-status thanks to his incredible career. Of late, he started his own TV series, Up with David Gura. Let’s take a peek into his biography, Career achievements, family life, and more interesting details.

David Gura’s Biography

David Gura was born in Austin, Texas, USA, on 2 October 1984. Although we have no handle on details about his childhood, early education, sibling and parents, we know, however, that Gura attended Cornell University where he acquired a Bachelor’s degree in American Studies, History and Latin-American Studies. Following graduation, Gura proceeded to Columbia University where he bagged a master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism. Though it remains largely unconfirmed, sources say Gura also studied Political Science at Higher University of San Andrés and the Universidad Católica Bolivia.

David Gura’s Career and Achievements

Well, technically, David Gura’s career began when he was still schooling. Following graduation, he first interned at the WUNC-FM in North Carolina for about four months in 2007. He gradually rose to become part of the NPR Network where he worked as an intern for another five months. At NPR, he worked as an editorial assistant. In May of the following year, Gura was promoted to assistant editor, and eighteen months later, to associate editor. These experiences will serve as building blocks to David’s Gura’s aspirations for broadcast journalism. Gura’s talent, grit, and dedication were paying off big time. He was quickly becoming a popular face on NPR. In February of 2010, he was appointed as a reporter for one of NPR’s most popular shows, The Two Way.

However, for reasons he’s yet to talk about, Gura left a burgeoning career at NPR in October of 2010 to go join the American Public Media as a reporter for their show Marketplace. In 2013, three years into his career at APM, Gura was promoted to a senior reporter. But this youngster was still hungry. In March 2015, he left APM and joined Bloomberg TV where he remained for over two years until he left in December of 2017. At Bloomberg, he worked as a correspondent and anchor on several Bloomberg TV shows such as Bloomberg Markets: The Trump Economy. Plus, he co-anchored Bloomberg Surveillance on Bloomberg Radio.

In 2017, Gura was offered a new-correspondent position at MSNBC. The offer came following the departure of award-winning TV journalist, Thomas Roberts. He began work on their news channel MSNBC Live and has remained there as oF this writing.

David Gura.
David Gura interviews Former Secretary of Homeland Security, Hon. Jeh Johnson; at the 2018 Concordia Annual

Gura’s role at MSNBC requires him to travel wide; filing reports from far-flung locations such as Beijing and Bogota. Furthermore, Gura also reviews and writes in several newspapers, including The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times. All of these have come with rewards too, not only monetary. He was recently awarded a Paul Miller Washington Reporting Fellowship. Plus, in the fall of 2018, MSNBC made some interesting changes to its programming lineup to enable Gura to work on and air his series-program, Up with David Gura. The show, formerly hosted by Chris Hayes airs from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. on weekends.

David Gura’s Net Worth

According to sources, David Gura’s net worth stands at over $1 Million. Though his exact salary is not known, Gura continues to earn the trust of his colleagues, millions of viewers, and of course, notable institutions like the National Constitution Centre, National Press Foundation and the French-American Foundation.

David Gura’s Family 

Although there are no specifics, we know that David Gura is married to a special someone, whose identity he’s largely been tight-lipped about. Also, in late 2018, Gura announced via a tweet that he and his significant other were expecting a baby, that would be his second child, a son. The identities of the said kids are largely unknown too.

Height and Body Measurement

David Gura is of average build. He has dark brown hair and blue eyes. As of this writing, his height, weight, shoe size, and body measurements are not known.


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