David Hefner – Bio, Siblings and Other Facts About Hugh Hefner’s Son

David Hefner, Hugh Hefner‘s eldest son obviously refused to ride or thrive on his father’s fame. Currently an independent entrepreneur, David from the onset chose to live a quiet life away from the flashing lights of the cameras. Despite being the son of the globally famous “Playboy”, David Hefner avoids the limelight to the point that one can scarcely find his profile information or photographs on the internet.

But what inspired his choice and decision? And exactly what kind of life is he living now? What about his siblings; are they also following his footsteps? You’ll get to know all of these and much more in this article.

David Hefner Bio

David Hefner was born on August 30, 1955, in Palo Alto, California, United States of America. That was two years after the launch of the Playboy Magazine. David is the second child and first son of Hugh Hefner and his first wife, Mildred Williams.

Although information on his education is not available, David Hefner appears to have specialized in an area of Computer Studies. While some sources hold that he owns and manages his own Computer Consulting firm, others say he is a freelance Computer Graphics Expert. He, however, conspicuously shifted away from his father’s numerous enterprises and established his own independent business.

His Siblings

David Hefner has three siblings. He has an older and only sister, Christie Ann Hefner who is his only full sibling. Marston Glenn and Cooper Bradford Hefner are his half-brothers (of the same father but different mothers).

David Hefner (extreme left) with his siblings: image source

Christie Hefner

David Hefner’s sister was born on November 8, 1952, in Chicago, Illinois, the U.S. to Hugh and Mildred Hefner (also David’s biological parents). Christie is a 1974 graduate of the Brandeis University with a Bachelor Degree in English and American Literature. After her education, she became engaged in her father’s Playboy business as a Special Assistant Chairman from 1975 to 1978. She later rose in the company’s ranks to the positions of Vice President (1978-1982), President (1982-1988) and Chairman/CEO (1988-2009). She is currently the Chairman of Hatchbeauty Products LLC. in Santa Monica, California.

Christie Hefner is a humanitarian and HIV/AIDS advocate. In 1979, Christie established the M. Hefner First Amendment Awards, an awards board she created on behalf of her father. It honors individuals who have significantly contributed to the protection and improvement of America’s First Amendment Rights. She also raised funds to build CORE Center in Chicago which is the first out-patient medical facility for people living with HIV in Midwest America.

Just like her father’s, Christie Hefner’s marriage was unsuccessful. She married William Marovitz, a former Illinois Senator in 1995. Their union, however, collapsed eight years later (in 2013), and they had no child together.

Marston Hefner

Marston is David Hefner’s younger half-brother. David’s father, Hugh married Marston’s mom, Kimberly Conrad in 1989 after 30 years of divorcing Mildred Williams. Marston was born on April 9, 1990. He grew up in the Playboy Mansion.

Cooper Hefner

Cooper is David Hefner’s youngest sibling and half-brother. He is of the same biological mother with Marston. He graduated from the Chapman University, California with a degree in Film Production. Completely the opposite of David, Cooper has a passionate interest in his father’s X-rated Playboy business. He started working with the Playboy Enterprises right from his college days and finally took the place of his father in the company one year prior to his death. Cooper has been dubbed “The New Prince of Playboy”.

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Other Facts About Hugh Hefner’s Son

1. His Parents Separated When He Was 4 and He Got A New Mum at 34!

David Hefner’s parents divorced in 1959 when he was at the very tender age of 4. He possibly did not enjoy motherly care thereafter as his mother remarried and probably did not take him with her. As for his father, he stayed without a wife till 1989 (30 years later) when David was already a full-grown 34-year-old adult.

2. He Enjoyed His Grandparents’ Company

Despite having lost his parents to divorce as a child, David always had his grandparents – Grace Caroline and Glenn Lucius Hefner around.

3. Is He Married or Dating?

David Hefner appears to be a direct opposite of his father, Hugh Hefner in all ramifications. While his father officially married three women alongside innumerable partners and girlfriends in his lifetime, David, to the best of our knowledge, has not even been married once and has no dating history. Moreover, while Hugh relished being in front of the cameras all the days and moments of his life, David avoids the limelight.

4. He Has No Children, Nephews/Nieces

As at the time of this writing, David Hefner has not produced any child the media is aware of, this is also true for his three siblings. It simply means that late Hugh Hefner had no grandchild despite dying at a very old age of 91.


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