SA: David Maynier Insists Kebby Maphatsoe Is An Idiot…See Reaction

Democratic Alliance lawmaker, David Maynier once again blurts out insults on the Deputy Minister, Kebby Maphatsoe; calling him an idiot.

On refusing to take back the derogatory remark, the lawmaker was ordered out of the National Assembly.

David Maynier is probably known for not modifying words to be pleasant or appropriate. For instance, with the announcement of the Guptas’ family intention to sell their shares and relocate from South Africa, the opposition lawmaker bared his mind as raw as it was.

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He bluntly likened the prominent and affluent family to “rats abandoning a sinking ship”. The Guptas are controversial big time investors in South Africa.

This time the political figure sure had words for Kebby Maphatsoe whom he ridiculously characterized as President Zuma’s stooge. He kicked off with such verbal insults as this:

“You know you’re doing something right when the MKMVA’s chief cook and bottle washer, Kebby Maphatsoe, attacks you.”

The above was in reaction to Gordhan Pravin’s attack by the Deputy Minister. He accused Gordhan’s attackers for being accomplices of corruption and looting in the much scandalized Zuma administration.

When reprimanded  by a colleague, David Maynier exploded all the more,

“Now, in the past I called Kebby Maphatsoe an idiot. And I will call him an idiot again. Because in the end we all know the MKMVA’s chief cook and bottle washer, Kebby Maphatsoe, is indeed an idiot. And that’s the truth.”

Again, he was demanded by the Speaker of the house, Grace Boroto to withdraw the statement or leave the house. Conveniently, the MP who is never short of words took the option of leaving after firing up the entire house.

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David Maynier is a politician from the opposition party, the Democratic Alliance. As such, he does not fancy the current ruling administration which has been marred by series of scandals.

This clearly informed his initial derogatory statement on the Guptas’ whose family has lived in SA since the apartheid era. The family who are well acquainted with President Zuma have been linked to series of corrupt political practices in the country.