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The best description of David Tenant is often said to be Doctor Who character where he was a weirdo and at the same time a nerd. He carved a niche for acting as a kid and while growing up, he pursued his dreams fervently and is now a topnotch actor. Tenant has also voiced many characters in movies making him an extraordinaire on set. The article contains every relevant detail you need to know about him.

David Tenant Biography (Age)

Being an actor is one of the commonest means of gaining a spot on the fame list. David Tenant is one of the well-celebrated actors born in the month of April. He was named David John McDonald after he came to be on the 18th of the month of April in 1971. His birthplace is Bathgate, West, Lothian, Scotland. He gained Scottish Citizenship by birth and is of Ulster-Scots heritage.

Regarding his educational details, Tenant was a scholar at Ralston Primary and Paisley Grammar School. He also took acting classes on Saturday at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.

David becoming an actor was a desire he had as a child. He was a lover of the Doctor Who series and often interpreted his own understanding of each episode to his parents. He never knew that as time passed on, he would one day become one of the Scottish actors who would play the Doctor role following Sylvester McCoy and Peter Capaldi.


David Tenant’s acting escapades started during his tender days at elementary school and high school. He made his first public appearance when he was 11. With his performance, he was praised by Scottish actress Edith MacArthur who subsequently told his parents that he would certainly make a great actor someday. Just like she predicted, Tenant has definitely attained a successful height career-wise.

While at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, David nonetheless had lots of competitors but for his determination of being one of the finest actors of all time. He tarried on learning every skill needed for his success. So, at the age of 16, he appeared in an anti-smoking movie created by the Glasgow Health Board.

Subsequently, David Tenant screened for a role at the Academy and emerged as the winner. With time, the actor left the academy and began to feature in a few theatre productions and television shows. He played as a transexual in the television series, Rab C Nesbitt and with his next role in Takin’ Over the Asylum (1994), he landed his big break. David Tenant progressed with many other roles and in 1996 bagged a role in Jude. He also appeared in some episodes of Reeves and Randal and Hopkirk.

David tenant’s fame rose tremendously in the year 2004 and 2005 as a result of his appearance in the thriller movies Blackpool and Cassanova. That same period saw to the realization of his childhood dreams of playing the role of the Doctor in the Doctor Who series. His involvement with this work made him a household name. Other movies credited to his name include Bright Young Things (2003), Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, The Itch of the Golden Nit, Bad Samaritan, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World to mention a few.

Net Worth

With an acting career that has spanned over the years, nothing less is expected from the actor when it comes to his money bag. He has played in several roles, excelling in most of them. His involvements with the Royal Shakespeare group is also one of the perks, he uses in topping his earnings. As at the day, his article was written, his net worth is pegged at $7 million.

Family: Wife and Children

David Tenant
David and his family

A retired Presbyterian Pastor, Alexander Sandy Mc Donald, and EssDale Helen McLeod were the medium the actor used in gaining entrance to the world. David Tenant has two siblings, Blair and Karen. Together with his siblings, he was raised at Ralston, Renfrewshire. The actor lost his mom to Cancer in 2007 and her death inspired his dedication to the Association for International Cancer Research. His father passed on in 2016.

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David met and fell in love with actress Georgia Moffett during the filming of Doctor Who in November 2007. They started dating and were said to be engaged in January 2011. They cohabited for a while before officiating their union on the 30th of December that same month. Together, they have four beautiful children. A daughter named Olive opened up Georgia’s womb as she came to be on the 29th of March 2011. Their third child, a son – Wilfred joined the family on the 3rd of May 2013 and their fourth child Doris joined the family in 2015. The couple’s second child is an adopted son named Tyler.

David Tenant’s Height

David tenant stands at 6 feet 1 inch. He is quite tall and is not one to say has an athletic frame. The actor is lanky but is no doubt a handsome man. He weighs 73 Kg.

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