Here’s why Dean Ambrose left the WWE, what He’s Been up to Since then and His Family Life

Dean Ambrose is a popular wrestler who was the toast of many between 2011 to 2019 when he performed at the World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. popularly known as the WWE. Unknown to many, however, Dean’s real name is Jonathan David Good and he is currently signed to All Elite Wrestling as a professional wrestler and actor.

He is known for a lot of things, some of which include participation in New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) and working on the independent circuit as Jon Moxley from 2004 to 2011. Despite facing many challenges, this wrestler went on to become the WWE World Champion once and WWE Intercontinental Champion trice.

Joining WWE in 2011, Dean Ambrose Recorded Incredible Achievements During His Time with the Promotion

Jonathan Good signed with the WWE in 2011 under the ring name Dean Ambrose and competed at the Florida Championship Wrestling until 2012. He was a member of the group called “The Shield” alongside other wrestlers like Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. It was during his membership to this group that he bagged his first WWE championship, the United States Championship. This was a big deal as he had the longest reign in the history of the WWE banner (351 days).

He additionally claimed the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship together with Seth Rollins and thus became, the Triple Crown Champion as well as the Grand Slam Champion. In December 2015, Ambrose defeated Kevin Owens at the TLC and clinched his first Intercontinental Championship and subsequently won the title twice. He then became a WWE World Champion in 2016 when he recorded a victory over Rollins who was the defending champion.

Also, he won the 2016 Money in the Bank ladder match and equally took home Slammy Award five times, and the WWE Year-End Award twice.

Why did He Refuse to Renew His WWE Contract in 2019?

Widely known for his crazed and unstable persona, The Lunatic Fringe in the World Wrestling Entertainment, Dean Ambrose had a fall out with the CEO of WWE, Vince McMahon due to creative differences. For several years, he was frustrated with the ideas written for his character which he dubbed “stupid” and sometimes would omit some of the words written in the scripts.

It was also reported that the promo which was pitched to him by McMahon during his storyline with his long time friend, Roman Reigns when he was battling with leukemia further contributed to his departure, as he had ill feelings that he had disrespected his friend after playing out the script handed to him. More so, another factor that was reported to have played a part in Dean Ambrose’s decision to leave WWE was the idea of his character turning heel against his close friend Seth Rollins.

The heel turn reportedly had a negative impact on the popular wrestler as he never wanted to fight Seth. For several years, he was so bothered about the promos they often pitch to him on WWE Raw, such that, he gets physically sick every Monday. As a result, he decided not to renew his contract in 2019 and then notified the WWE management of his decision.

Ambrose has Clinched Many Titles Since Joining AEW

After his WWE contract expired in April 2019, Dean Ambrose made his debut for the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) in the following month. He penned down a multi-year contract with the wrestling promotion and then reverted to his former gimmick and professional name, Jon Moxley. Since making his unannounced debut in May 2019, during the company’s inaugural event, Double or Nothing, he has competed in several matches, emerging victoriously in most of them for which he has won a number of prestigious titles.

He defeated Chris Jericho at Revolution in February 2020 and became the AEW World Champion. Having also debuted for the New Japan Pro-Wrestling in the same 2019, he defeated the IWGP United States Champion, Juice Robinson during his in-ring debut at the Best of the Super Juniors 26 tournament in June 2019, to become the United States Champion. Following his victory over Jericho in February 2020, Ambrose emerged as the first person to become AEW and NJPW Champion concurrently.

The highly-skilled wrestler is presently the longest-reigning AEW World Champion. He is equally in his second reign as the IWGP United States Champion where he became the longest reigning Champion in August 2020, surpassing Kenny Omega.

His Troubled Childhood Played a Pivotal Role in His Wrestling Career Choice

Jonathan David Good, also known as Dean Ambrose was born on the 7th of December, 1985. He was born in the state of Ohio, precisely the town of Cincinnati to his parents whose identities are not known. His father worked very far away from home, so he barely met him. He lived in a public housing system with his mother and sister. As a child, Dean was already a huge fan of the wrestling sport, looking up to Bret Hart as a role model.

He often references wrestling as a means of escaping from the harsh realities of his upbringing and would drown himself in wrestling videos and stories. Soon, he pursued his interest and decided to train as a wrestler. He trained for a year and decided to quit high school in order to give undivided attention to this passion. Dean who has had a very long and rather successful career path did not just start his career with a bang, rather, he had a humble beginning.

As a teenager, he used to sell popcorn and set up the wrestling ring at the Heartland Wrestling Association. He worked under Mr. Les Thatcher. When he hit 18 years, he began to train professionally under Cody Hawk and Les Thatcher. Interestingly, his first ring name was Jon Moxley and he lost his debut match to Ala Hussein. Not relenting, he trained harder and the next year, he bagged the HWA Tag Team Championship twice! In 2006, he won the HWA Heavyweight Championship twice by defeating Pepper Parks twice. Clearly, winning is a habit for this wrestling champion.

How Much has He Accumulated?

Being one of the best professional wrestlers in the United State of America with a long-standing career, Dean Ambrose is undoubtedly a very wealthy man. One would expect that his several appearances and championship wins would net him a nice sum. His net worth is estimated to be around $7 million.

It’s worth noting that Dean is more than just a wrestler but also an actor. In 2015, he played the lead role of John Shaw in the movie 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown which was an action film. He also did a cameo in the movie Countdown in 2016. That too was an action movie.

The Famous Wrestler Exchanged Marital Vows In 2017

Dean Ambrose
Dean with wife Renee

Beside every successful man likely stands a loving woman and the case is no different for this champion. In 2015, the news came out that Dean Ambrose had been dating Renee Young since 2013. The two got married in April 2017, in an unplanned ceremony at their home in Las Vegas where they presently live together. The marriage has not produced any children yet. Very likely with time the couple will decide to have a child or children of their own.

What is His wife Renee Young Famous For?

Born Renee Jane Paquette in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on September 19th, 1985, Dean Ambrose’s wife is professionally known as Renee Young. She is best recognized for her work as a commentator, interviewer, and presenter while associated with the World Wrestling Entertainment. After an eight-year journey with the promotion, Renee retired from her roles in August 2020 when she left WWE and made her last appearance at the SummerSlam 2020 Kickoff Show.

Prior to her departure, she made appearances in the reality TV series, Total Divas where she was among the main cast members. She also co-hosted the season 6 of Tough Enough together with Chris Jericho. Besides garnering fame with her works for WWE, Renee Young is also known as a former sportscaster. She worked for The Score Television Network from 2009 to 2012, serving as the presenter of Right After Wrestling (later renamed Aftermath). She is a recipient of the WWE Slammy Award.


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