Deanna Favre – Age, Family and Facts About Brett Favre’s Wife

Deanna Favre could pass for a football wife, but asides her relationship with the famed athlete, Brett Favre, she is also an author as well as the founder and CEO of the Deanna Favre Hope Foundation. Ever since she was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2004, Favre has been a staunch advocate in the fight against the disease that affects one in eight women in America. In this piece, we look at her past. How she was raised by a single mother, and other facts there are to know about her. Ready?

Deanna Favre’s Age and Background History

Deanna Favre was born as Deanna Tynes Favre in Gulfport, Mississippi, United States, on December 28, 1968, to Ann Tynes. She was however adopted by Kerry Tynes when he got married to Deanna’s mom. She and her siblings, Christie and Casey spent the most part of their early life in Kiln Hancock County, Mississippi, where she attended high school and befriended her would-be husband, Brett Favre.

Following her graduation from high school in 1986, Favre proceeded to community college in Poplarville on a basketball scholarship. She would later transfer to the University of Southern Mississippi where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science in December 1994. By this time, her daughter was already five. Yes! In 1987, at 20, Deanna got pregnant for her boyfriend and gave birth to their daughter, Brittany Nicole, on February 6, 1989. She would taste single-motherhood throughout her college years and did several odd jobs to survive.

A year after graduating college, Deanna relocated to Green Bay, Wisconsin to live with Brett Favre. Sources say that their relationship was chaotic around this time. Judging from circumstances, it’s easy to believe that the strain had so much to do with Brett Favre’s brand-new celebrity-status as an NFL quarterback; coupled with his addiction to Vicodin. In hindsight, Deanna recalls Brett’s “loud, rough, and often hateful” demeanor and even contemplated leaving him, but for the fear that his addiction might worsen if she left him. In May of 1996, Brett Favre, got more intentional about his recovery after he announced his addiction and his recovery, crediting his recovery to Deanna’s help.

Deanna Favre’s Family

Deanna Favre.
Deanna Favre, her husband, and their second daughter, Breleigh Favre.

While undergoing rehabilitation, Brett proposed to Deanna. Although hesitant, she eventually gave him a yes when he acquired a marriage license and invited her to come to sign it. The couple was married a month later on July 14, 1996, at St. Agnes Catholic Church in Green Bay.

Only three years down the line, however, things went awry due to Brett Favre’s drinking problem. He returned to rehab when Deanna threatened to leave him permanently this time. He has reportedly desisted from taking alcohol ever since. They had their second daughter, Breleigh Ann, on July 13, 1999.

Facts About Brett Favre’s Wife

1. Breast Cancer Survivor

Deanna Favre is one of the lucky few women who fought and won against breast cancer. News of her struggle with the disease first hit the airwaves in October 2004. In what many describe as the beginning of her life’s purpose, Deanna began receiving touching letters from women all over the US about how her story had motivated them to get breast examinations.

After having a Lumpectomy and undergoing five-month chemotherapy, Deann bounced back to complete recovery. The following year, she started to sell pink Green Bay Packers hats to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. Deanna’s Green Bay Packers reportedly outsold regular Packers hats in the first half of 2005.

2. She Runs a Breast Cancer Foundation of Her Own

After going through all that, Deanna Favre didn’t stop at selling Green Bay Packer hats. She founded the Deanna Favre Hope Foundation; an NGO which supports breast cancer education, women’s breast imaging and diagnosis services for all women, especially medically underserved, underinsured and uninsured women.

As of October 2007, DFHF has raised over $500,000. However, before founding DFHF, Deanna Favre oversaw the Brett Favre Fourward Foundation; a foundation focusing on the needs of disadvantaged or disabled children in Wisconsin and Mississippi. And has so far raised over $3 million. As of 2018. Brett and Deanna Favre’s foundations have given out over $6 Million in grants.

3. She is an Author of Two Books

Surviving cancer is like returning from the dead. You surely have something to say. More than that, you have the ears of millions of people. And so in October 2007, Deann Favre published her first book; Don’t Bet against Me – an autobiography. She then published another, The Cure of the Chronic Life: Overcoming the Hopelessness That Holds You Back, which she co-authored with Shane Stanford.

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