A Tell All On The Relationship Debbie Rowe Had With Michael Jackson and Their Children

Debbie Rowe is Dr. Arnold Klein’s former dermatology assistant who became the headline of every news and gossip as a result of her wedding to the king of pop, Michael Jackson. All through their life together, she struggled to maintain a confidential life, but she would come to be more famous with her much-publicized divorce from the iconic music superstar, which she immensely benefited from.

Even though her kids with the pop legend, Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. and Paris Jackson, have also become very famous, Debbie has remained in the dark with nothing much known about her personal life and her relationship with someone as famous as MJ.

Debbie Rowe Was Michael Jackson’s Fan Before They First Met

Jackson was different from everyone else in almost every single thing. When he fell in love, he seemed to be in love. While still married to his first wife, Michael wanted to have children, but somehow, things were not working for him as Lisa was not willing to have children for him. At the side, there was a woman, Debbie Rowe, who was willing to have the pop star’s kids.

Rowe had been a fan of Michael Jackson for a very long time. But then, their first meeting was in the office of dermatologist Arnold Klein. She started working there in 1977 when she was freshly out of high school. She struck her friendship with the music star around that time after he visited the hospital, where he was treating vitiligo.

For 15 years, within which Debbie would be married and divorced, they maintained their friendship. Lisa knew Debbie wanted to have Michael’s child and had a crush on him. What she didn’t know was that the medical practitioner was believed to be obsessed with Michael.

The Favor That Led To A Marriage

Rowe dated some men after her marriage with her first husband ended; Michael was not on the list. However, after learning of Mr. Jackson’s desire to have children following the divorce from his first wife, Lisa Marie Presley, in 1996, Rowe volunteered to have children for him, something that had been her desire long before then.

Debbie Rowe
Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson (Image Source)

Almost soon after, she conceived her first child for Michael and was said to have told a friend that she doing a favor for a good friend. Since Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson, didn’t want her grandchild to be born out of wedlock, she prompted Jackson to solemnize the union.

Six months into her pregnancy, Debbie left California and flew to Australia to meet Michael. The next day, Michael had a 40,000 sellout show at the Sydney Cricket Ground. By midnight, he had a small party with close friends, and then at around 2 a.m, he sat on a piano as Rowe walked in, in a gown. By the end of the night, the two were married on November 13, 1996, in the presence of fewer than 20 people.

The marriage was rather controversial for more than a reason; Michael would not answer any question as regards the marriage, everything was hastily done, and not many people realized his first marriage had already ended. Another point that some raised was that Michael was probably getting married to a woman he had no feelings for.

Both Debbie and Michael Had Other People Before Coming To Each Other

Before the union between Michael and Debbie, the king of pop had another woman in his life, Lisa Marie Presley, who happened to be the daughter of another legendary music star, Elvis Presley. The two were married in 1994 after the former’s previous marriage to Danny Keough, which lasted from 1988 to 1994.

The first time they met, Lisa was still a teenager and in a relationship with the man she would later come to marry. The two were introduced to each other by Elvis Presley himself. Years later, in 1992, they became very close, and eventually, Michael asked the still-married mother of two, Lisa, to marry him on the phone. She agreed, and the rest was history. They got married in 1994, and by 1996, they parted ways.

On her part, Debbie was also previously married to a man known as Richard Edelman in 1982. The couple moved to Van Nuys, where Edelman started a business. By 1988, Debbie, who was a more of an outgoing woman compared to her husband, who was described as too quiet for her, filed for divorce not long after Edelman filed for bankruptcy.

Debbie Rowe Had Two Children With Michael

Debbie Rowe
Debbie Rowe with Michael Jackson and their kids: image source

The family-oriented couple expanded their small circle by welcoming their son, Michael Joseph Jackson, alias Prince, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, on 13th February 1997. Before the birth of Prince, Debbie had a miscarriage with her first pregnancy in 1996, a thing that left her rather devastated.

The following year, the couple welcomed their daughter, Paris Katherine Jackson, at Spaulding Pain Medical Clinic, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, on 3rd April 1998. As a surrogate mother, Rowe revealed that she never had any sexual intercourse with the pop superstar throughout their marriage.

The kids were mostly raised by Jackson, nannies, and nurses, and they were shielded away from the public. Each time they were going out, their father ensured that they were masked. In 2002, Michael had another son, Prince Michael ‘Blanket’ Jackson II, who was birthed to him by a surrogate mother that is still not known.

Rowe’s Infamous Divorce

After discovering that she could no longer bear children following the birth of her daughter, Debbie Rowe filed for divorce six months later. The divorce was finalized on October 8, 1999. The outcome of the court’s judgment saw Rowe parting with a whopping sum of $10 million as her alimony, including the mansion at Beverly Hills, while Jackson was given full custody of his children. Also, she was granted an 8-hour one day visit every 45 days. She later reversed it after the death of Jackson through a mutual agreement with her children’s guardian, who happens to be their paternal grandmother, Katherine Jackson.

There Have Been Questions On the Paternity of Rowe’s Children

There was the rumor that existed, suggesting Michael was not the father of his two kids, most especially Paris. Initially, the rumor began in whispers, but before long, it became a thing many people were comfortable talking about. The first reason why the paternity of the kids became an issue was that while Michael was black, his kids came out too white for biracial children.

The most interesting thing about all the rumors was that some even believe Debbie Rowe was not the mother of the kids; it was neither Michael’s sperm nor Debbie’s eggs that were used for the kids, according to TMZ following the death of Michael.

The Real Father of Prince and Paris is Arnie Klein

Debie Rowe
Dr. Klein and Prince inset (Image Source)

There has been a lasting rumor that Dr. Arnie Klein, who Debbie Rowe worked with as an assistant, is the father of Prince Jackson. Prince himself once acknowledged that the late pop star might not be his biological father, but as far as he is concerned, MJ is still dad to him. The famed dermatologist has also once suggested in a cryptic message in 2013 that he was Prince’s father.

Klein shared his photo from an old driver’s license alongside a picture of Prince, showing a striking resemblance between the two. He has also hinted more than once that he was also the biological father of Paris. Once one of the most respected and topmost doctors in Hollywood, Kelin lost his place after he began talking about the personal life of Michael, going as far as triggering the speculation he even fathered his kids.

Unfortunately, Dr. Arnold Klein died in 2015, at the age of 70, after suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. For someone rumored to be the biological father of Michael Jackson’s son and the former dermatologist of the music star, he was confined to a wheelchair before his death, and he was said to be broke.

Debbie Rowe Now Lives a Quiet Life

The ex-wife of Michael Jackson has since almost disappeared from the public scene as nothing has been heard of her in the recent past. In 2014, she announced her engagement to Marc Schaffel, who once worked with Jackson as his music producer and Neverland Ranch videographer.

Debbie Rowe was diagnosed with cancer of the breast in July 2016. The ailment brought her closer to her daughter, Paris, who has come to be of much help to her in perhaps the most trying times of her life.

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