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Deirdre Bolton is an economic analyst and an acclaimed one at that. She works with Fox News where she anchors Risk and Reward, a money show in which she meticulously explains economic policies in bits, presenting them with fluency and wit. Prior to being an active Journalist, she worked in the banking sector. That of course, provided her with the in-depth knowledge of monetary policies that she dishes out to her audience. She has also worked with Bloomberg Network, where she hosted – Money Moves.

Throughout the course of her career in Journalism, Deirdre Bolton has been opportune to carry out successful interviews with some of the notable figures in the economic world, and this has greatly projected her as one of the industry’s topnotch interviewer.

Biography of Deirdre Bolton of Fox News 

Born in the city of Newton, Pennsylvania, in the United States on 1st June 1964, Deirdre Bolton got her High School education at Council Rock High School, Buck County, Pennsylvania where she finished from in 1989. Being very conservative with her personal life, she kept every detail that concerns her upbringing and birth history to herself.

By 1993, she had already gotten a degree in English and French Literature from the University of Iowa. She then proceeded to New York University, where she got her Masters Degree. She began working in the banking sector but left after getting conversant with the intricacies surrounding the financial markets.

She left the Banking sector to embrace broadcast journalism infusing her money experience as a banker in her newfound practice. Her first media job was in 1999 as the host of Money Moves show with Bloomberg Network. Her charming personality made her a sought after choice for other networks. The Newtown native wasted no time in landing another job with CBS Networks as a reporter. The job afforded her the opportunity to travel wide touring big cities in the UK, Washington DC, Chicago, among others where she went in search of catchy news whilst interviewing top-shot men and women in the economy sector. Top on her list were Christina Romer – President Obama’s Chief Economist; Richard Clarida – Strategic Advisor of PIMCO; Bill Ackman – the Chief Executive Officer of Pershing Square Capital; Wilbur Ross – one of the richest investors in the world, and a host of others.

Nevertheless, in 2014 Deirdre Bolton severed ties with Bloomberg and CBS in favor of Fox News Channel particularly hosting one of their business segments known as – Risk & Reward. The show garnered much popularity when it aired on weekdays on Fox Business News (FBN). Next, she moved on to handle the segment called Women and Money for FBN. Some of her guests include the vice-chairperson of Morgan Stanley – Carla Harris, Managing Director of Blackstone – Joan Solotar, Carly Drum O’Neil, the list goes on.

What Happened To Her? Where Is She Now? 

Deirdre Bolton
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Deirdre Bolton varnished off the screens after an accident in the summer of 2016; she had sustained an injury during a baseball game with her family. The accident took her off work for almost a year, which was the time it took for her to heal. During her long absence, Elizabeth MacDonald filled in for her till she resumed duty in 2017.

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The show host has since assumed her duties at FBN as the host of the Risk and Reward, with an additional show Women and Money added to her portfolio which also airs weekdays while still serving as the Fox News business correspondent.

Other Facts You Need to Know about Deirdre Bolton – 

– She is A Mother Of Two

It is no longer news that Deirdre Bolton is very economical with her personal information.  However, our research shows that she is a married woman and the lucky man is no other than Douglas with whom she shares two sons. Although she has never mentioned her husband and kid’s names, she mentions them and even her dog in passing during her show.

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– Social Media Presence

Deirdre Bolton enjoys a high social media presence on her Twitter handle which has amassed more than 31K followers. She is also active on Facebook and Instagram where her personal accounts are set on private.

– Height and Measurements

The broadcaster has a slim body build, standing at a height of 1.70m (5 feet, 7 inches), with stunning body measurement reported as breast-waist-hip of 36-27-36 respectively.

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