Calvin Flanigan: Not One Day Missed! Delta Pilot Retires After 45 Years

After 45 years of consistent and committed service, Calvin Flanigan retires from Delta Airlines as a pilot. One amazing thing about the retirement of this remarkable personality is the fact that in all of his 45 years of service, “Cal” as fondly called did not miss one day of work.

The former pilot said he had always desired to be a pilot.

“Even as a little kid watching airplanes take off when I was 9 or 10 years old, I knew I wanted to fly.”

Obviously the passion for the dream never left him. What else can make one not miss a single day of work in a long time of 45 years? It just has to be passion. Cal displayed an unquenchable desire to commit to what he is sure he was born to do.

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At a time when many dislike their jobs, this flying professional worthy of emulation proves that the reverse can actually be the case. Going down memory lane, Calvin Flanigan embraced without complain, the days of his humble beginnings.

In 1968, Cal started off as a ground floor worker at the airline’s mechanic section. 8 years later his dream came true. He could sit at the cockpit and officially fly a plan. This dream lasted for 37 solid and successful years till the time of his retirement.

During his time with Delta Airlines as a pilot, Cal had flown an estimated 12.5 million miles and more for about 26,000 flight hours. He has also landed on 100 countries. For his wealth of experience and particularly, for not taking a single day off, Calvin Flanigan is a living replica of what professionalism should be.

Calvin Flanigan

As a company policy of retiring at 65, Cal significantly celebrated his 65th birthday a day after his last flight in Delta Airlines. After the flight, the brave and brilliant pilot was honored with the traditional water cannon salute.

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Cal who persevered and saved up to be trained as a professional pilot delights also in speaking at gatherings. He sees a duty in motivating children to dream and believe.

Cal says he will definitely miss being a pilot. All the same he believes the time has finally come for him to tour the world with his wife like they planned to; just that this time, he won’t be the one flying the plane.